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‘SEAL Team’: Ratings for Episode 3 as It Prepares to Stop Airing on CBS

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The ratings have come in from Sunday night. It looks like once again football dominated. SEAL Team on CBS had steady ratings on the night. The show will soon be off of the network.

Bravo Team is not going to be airing on CBS much longer. At the end of this month, the very end of the month, the show will have its fourth episode of the season air on the network. However, immediately after that episode on October 31, episode 5 will become available on Paramount+. From there it will finish out the season on the streaming network.

Episode 3 of Season 5 aired on CBS. It had a solid 3.6 million and a 0.4 in the ratings. While SEAL Team didn’t lead the ratings and was beat out by 2 million by NCIS: Los Angeles, it performed on par with past nights. Sunday is a tough night. With football, nightly news like 60 Minutes, and more. That is a tough slate to work against.

There will be two new episodea on Halloween night. That is episode 4 and 5. The episode has already been teased online. On social media, a trailer was released to kick off the week on Monday night. Fans love seeing the tense situations and missions that Bravo goes on. There is going to be more drama this season. Not to mention, Jason is having strange headaches and other issues.

It could be more than just what is physically in front of them coming to the surface. The show could take a deep dive into Jason’s psyche in the future. Clay has raised issues about his brother in arms after their mission out in North Korea.

‘SEAL Team’: Episode 4 ‘Hard and Fast’ in New Trailer

When you are dealing with high-profile, sensitive missions as they do on SEAL Team every week it takes a toll. Clearly, Jason has taken quite a toll. With headaches and forgetfulness, there is no telling what might happen as the season progresses on Paramount+.

In the new trailer, Hayes says that he’s is going to take down their enemies, “Let’s hit them hard and fast. Just like we always do.” Along with the video, the post caption read, “We have something clear and present. Next week we start a new chapter. Our last network show which launches us into our new home @paramountplus.”

There are going to be high emotions, a lot of high-pressure situations, and dangerous missions ahead on Paramount+. SEAL Team is the latest show to move to a streaming platform. Now they will be judged among another group of shows while on their new platform. Fans are going to have to adjust, but the show is hoping they are able to bring the gritty and intense situations to the new platform. There are risks you can take when you aren’t on CBS versus a streaming platform.