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‘SEAL Team’s Max Thieriot Reacts to His ‘Cal Fire’ Series Getting CBS Pilot Order

(Photo by Paul Archuleta/Getty Images)

“SEAL Team” star Max Thieriot is getting amped up for a new project behind the camera, and he announced his excitement on Instagram recently. His new show “Cal Fire” has been picked up for a pilot with CBS.

“Beyond excited and so incredibly thankful to be continuing the CAL FIRE journey!” he captioned his announcement. “Thank you @cbstvstudios@cbstv for giving us this opportunity! I know we will make y’all proud!!!”

Thieriot is co-writing and executive producing the show. It comes from a story written by Thieriot, Tony Phelan, and Joan Rater. Phelan and Rater previously worked on “Grey’s Anatomy.” The storyline follows inmate Bode Donovan as he joins the incarcerated firefighting program and gets sent back to his hometown in Northern California. Donovan is in search of not only a shorter prison sentence, but redemption as well. He’s looking to make amends for his crimes, and thinks that joining the firefighting program will provide him with that opportunity.

It’s an interesting premise, as we’ve never had a first responder series focus on what it’s like being an incarcerated firefighter before. The job promotes rehabilitation instead of punishment with likely recidivism. “Cal Fire” has a lot of potential to tell a groundbreaking story that we’ve never seen on network TV before.

‘SEAL Team’: Was Season 5 Max Thieriot’s Last?

As far as “SEAL Team” goes, Max Thieriot hasn’t said outright that he’s leaving the show. Clay told Jason in the season finale that it was his “last run with Bravo,” but that doesn’t mean Thieriot is gone for good. With his new show, it’s likely that he’ll take a bit of a backseat in season 6; it’s possible that line from Clay was setting up Thieriot to take a smaller role to focus on “Cal Fire.”

So, currently, there’s no news that Thieriot is totally off “SEAL Team.” It’s just likely that he won’t have as much screen time as he used to. It makes sense for Clay as a character, as he wants to spend more time with his family. So, I don’t have a problem with that happening. He’s not being killed off, at least. As far as we know.

David Boreanaz himself is thrilled at the prospect of season 6, and announced the new season on Instagram. “And we are BACK!” he captioned a promo photo. “Thank you to the fans, and great cast and crew. We look forward to our next mission!”

Honestly, we do, too. The season finale cliffhanger was one for the books; Bravo caught in a firefight, not knowing who’s dead or alive, and an SUV thrown into the air by a land mine. It’s the not knowing who’s dead or alive part that’s killing me. We’ll just have to wait until “SEAL Team” comes back, but who can say when that will be.