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Some ‘Friday Night Lights’ Fans Don’t Think These Two Teammates Would Have Remained Friends

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“Friday Night Lights” was a legendary show on NBC for five fun seasons. In the beginning, it was about how the team rallied around Matt Saracen after the starting QB, Jason Street, was lost due to a terrible injury that left him paralyzed. From the moment the show debuted, it tugged at folks’ heartstrings. Street and Tim Riggins, another fan-favorite on the show, were the best of friends in the beginning. Even after the injury. However, some “Friday Night Lights” fans don’t think these two teammates would have remained friends.

Riggins was not known for his decision-making on the show. His decision to go behind Street’s back and date Lyla was a huge problem and destroyed their relationship early on. However, they figured it out in high school. Even after for a bit when Street had to figure out what was next for him.

The user on Reddit wrote, “I’m rewatching , and its striking me as odd that Tim and Jason were supposedly bffs. Jason was 2 years older, more focused and disciplined, was mostly condescending to Tim…and Tim, bless him, he’s an awful communicator. He’d never keep up with Jason later in life.” It’s a fair question to wonder. They could not have been more different. What brought them together was football originally. Now, their relationship had to have something else.

It didn’t help that Riggins was not one to reach out. For the friendship to last Riggins would have had to have made more of an effort. It’s hard to say either way if that would have worked. But, both did have to deal with difficult circumstances. They both were not going to play football forever. The two struggled to figure out how to move forward in their lives.

Taylor Kitsch and Scott Porter on “Friday Night Lights”

In an interview with EW, Porter revealed a funny story about Kitsch. He said, “The camera turns on and you just see a leg. Then you see Kitsch sit back in a chair and he just looks into the camera. There’s a tall-boy next to him and he reaches down, grabs it, puts it on one leg, cracks it open with one hand, drinks the whole tall-boy, puts it down, grabs the second one, cracks it open with one hand and goes [in Canadian accent] ‘This is Taylor Kitsch, reading for Riggins.’ And then he begins the scene by the pool where he says ‘Texas forever’ for the first time.”

It’s been so long now that it’s hard to imagine anyone else playing the role of Tim Riggins. However, it was a bold move by Kitsch to play his audition that way. Still, it paid off in the end and he got the role.