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‘Sons of Anarchy’ Fans Still Wish Jax Teller and One Character Got Along Better

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You won’t find many characters as memorable as Gemma Teller on “Sons of Anarchy”. The show that ran for seven seasons on FX had a plethora of talented figures on the big-time program, but you won’t mind as iconic as Gemma and all the different hats she wore on the show. Gemma was a complicated woman. Her allegiances to Jax and Clay were one of the early interesting subplots of the program. However, “Sons of Anarchy” fans wish Jax Teller and one other character got along better.

It was Tara and Gemma. The two were the biggest women in Jax’s life throughout the show. Gemma tried, at least early on, to teach Tara how to survive and make it work with SAMCRO. Tara was always dubious of Gemma, though. And the club. That resistance was ultimately her downfall on the program.

In a new thread on Reddit, one user wrote, “I’m probably part of the minority but I really like the first couple of seasons when they get along and become family. I realize it had to change because Tara started seeing things as a mother but I enjoy Gemma taking her under her wing and showing her how to be an ol’ lady. I often wonder how the show would have looked if Tara didn’t try to fight everything and just stayed committed to the family. Eventually someone would have died but I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t have been her or the boys.”

Folks wanted to see the two of them work it out. It ate at Jax to have to support both Gemma and Tara. The two were always at odds throughout the show. Gemma was always about SAMCRO, while Tara was never all the way there. This was a problem through “Sons of Anarchy”. Gemma could not get over that Tara was No. 1 in Jax’s life now. Gemma wanted to keep Jax focused on the club. She also just couldn’t let him go.

Another user wrote, “I really enjoyed that dynamic too where they both helped and protected the club/boys. Unfortunately Gemma was too controlling, manipulative and toxic, it was the beginning of the end when Tara had sway on Jax and then began to take Grandma duties away. It was frustrating however it made for some compelling drama.”

They both did love Abel and Thomas. That is what kept them going for as long as they did before it finally ended. Gemma loved the boys and loved Jax. So for the majority of the show, Tara was off-limits. However, she still could not let Tara and Jax be and it ultimately made all the difference in the world.

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