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‘Storage Wars’: What Brandi Passante Considers Worst Pickup Line She’s Heard at a Bar

(Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images)

When Storage Wars Brandi Passante isn’t searching for hidden treasures in storage units, you can likely find her at a dive bar in California. Passante will be the first to tell you that the best nights happen at those hole-in-the-wall joints. And as a Texas native, she’s no stranger to local honky-tonks either.

Back when she was with fellow Storage Wars star Jarrod Schulz, she likely didn’t hear nearly as many pickup lines while out with friends. Lately, though, she heard some new one-liners that were so bad, she just had to share them when she became a co-host on the Newport Beach podcast, Happening Now with Hammer. Conveniently enough, Passante met the hosts, Troy and Hammer, while at a dive bar and became good friends with them. During a July episode of the show, the Storage Wars star explained the worst pickup line that men have tried on her.

While having a drink, some brave gentleman walked up to Passante and asked her if she liked his shirt. Confused and skeptical, she didn’t say yes or no. Still, the guy continued and asked if she knew what it was made of. Passante guessed cotton, likely just to end the conversation. But instead, it was “Boyfriend material.”

The Storage Wars star gave the caller points for originality, but nevertheless, the joke was pretty corny.

Listen to the full story in the episode below.

At least the pickup line didn’t end the way Troy thought it would. Having overheard a few terrible lines of his own, the podcast host expected a more risqué punchline that would likely lead to a thrown drink.

‘Storage Wars’ Star Reveals Key Bidding Tips

At the storage units, Passante is just as much a showstopper with her knowledge of and experience with biddings. The Storage Wars star knows what to look for and what questions to ask before the bidding begins. One of the most crucial aspects has to do with the treatment of the items within the unit. Passante pays extra close attention to what kinds of boxes or containers the previous owner used for their assets.

“Are there boxes that are purchased or boxes that are taken from the back of the grocery store, or are they packed in trash bags?” the Storage Wars star will ask herself before placing a bid.

Overall, Passante has found that if the items are in sturdy, neatly stacked boxes, there’s a good chance they have something worthwhile inside. On the flip side, if it looks more like a dumpster than a locker, it’s best to keep your money in your pocket.