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‘Survivor 42’ Contestants Make Bold Predictions for the Next Season

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We’re gearing up for another eventful season of “Survivor” in the next few weeks full of the usual backstabbing, gruesome jungle conditions, and all-around difficult competitions.

Seeing as the CBS show is always full of countless twists and turns, it can be hard to predict anything before the show even starts. Although there may be someone who looks like a front-runner that can always very quickly change.

Also, being a top competitor can put an outright massive target on your back. Despite all that, one “Survivor” contestant for this season seems to have some rather bold and outlandish predictions.

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, some of the future contestants made some predictions. Many of them had standard guesses, such as normal twists on the show like double eliminations or other crazy occurrences.

One person even made a prediction, despite being completely wrong. She thought maybe they’d all go straight into individual gameplay instead of splitting up into tribes. Seeing as we already know what the tribes are going to be, this is clearly not an educated prediction.

Meanwhile, we are all living for Tori Meehan’s prediction.

“We’re about to have the first woman to ever win five individual immunity challenges in one season. It’s going to happen. Men have done it. Therefore, it is going to happen someday,” Meehan said to the news outlet. Now, this is a prediction we can get behind.

It’s certainly come close in recent years. There have been four different women that have won four immunity challenges in one season. That includes Kim Spradlin, Chrissy Hofbeck, Kelly Wiglesworth, and Jenna Morasca. Both Jenna and Kim got to be the Sole Survivor.

Tori’s prediction can certainly ring true. If she has her way, she’ll be the one to do it, too.

“A woman’s gonna do it, so why not me? Why can’t that be me? So that’s one of my goals. It’s lofty, but I also know how to create goals with clients. That’s what I do in therapy. They have to be realistic, measurable. You have to be to do them, you have to have a path to get there. So I’ve done a lot of training, a lot of studying past challenges. So that’s a bold prediction that I really hope comes true. We’ll see!” Meehan also said.

‘Survivor’ Contestants Name Favorite Past Players

These future contestants were also asked about their favorite past players.

Surprisingly, Tori Meehan didn’t say herself (although that would have been pretty amazing).

The therapist-turned-“Survivor” contestant actually named Jonathan Penner as her favorite past contestant. She actually told a story in which her family went to Puerto Rico when she was 11 and she spotted him at the airport.

She even said that she has his picture with her to remind her of this “full circle” moment in her life. Meehan wants to one day inspire young “Survivor” fans in the same way.