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‘Survivor 42’: One Contestant Is Actually a Scientist

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One of the 18 new contestants set to battle their wits and strength on Survivor 42 is a data scientist. And his academic know-how could give him just enough of an edge to pull off a win.

The castaway we speak of is Hai Giang, a 29-year old from New Orleans. Giang is a Georgia State University alum who has an impressive resume.

Upon graduating, he took a job with a New York-based marketing firm. Then four years later, he moved on to become the Marketing Analytics Director at Bully Pulpit Interactive, which is based out of D.C.

According to his Survivor 42 bio, he is the youngest director of analytics at his company. And he’s pretty proud of that achievement, which he should be.

While it doesn’t take a fancy degree to be the Sole Survivor, Giang’s training does give him a unique advantage on the island.

Because he’s a data scientist, Giang believes he has a “great logical sense” and “a strong ability to read social situations.” And we all know that being people smart is key to making it on Survivor.

And aside from his intellect, Hai Giang has a few other traits that make him a strong contender. As he also shared in his bio, he “grew up in extreme poverty” and he and his parents had to “hustle and fight” to build a life after immigrating from Vietnam.

 “I’ll always cherish those tougher years,” he admitted. “They made me strong.”

Because of his unique upbringing and highly educated mind, the Survivor 42 contestant is certain he’s “well-rounded enough” to make it to the season finale. And he won’t accept walking away with anything by the win.

“[I have] amazing speaking abilities and a strong desire to better my family’s lives,” he continued. “There is no alternative besides coming home with a million-dollar check.”

Another ‘Survivor 42’ Contestant Has a Background in Fitness

While Hai Giang may have the upper hand with his scientific training, he will definitely find it challenging to outplay Drea Wheeler in physical competitions.

As we all know, winning Survivor takes more than just a cunning intellect, it also takes a highly fit body. And Wheeler has both of those things.

The castaway is a 35-year-old fitness consultant that is from San Antonio who lives in Montreal. And as her career suggests, she’s in phenomenal shape.

During her pre-show interview, Wheeler explained that she grew up playing all sorts of sports. And when she graduated, she knew she had to continue following her passions, which is how she came to be a consultant.

Her athletic background will certainly give her a major leg up in all the immunity challenges. And her consulting skills will lend her some help in all the other areas of the competition.

We look forward to watching her, Hai Giang, and the rest of the castaways fight for their spot in Survivor history starting March 9th on CBS.