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‘Swamp People’ Star Troy Broussard Shows Off His Latest Catch With New Fishing Lures: ‘They Don’t Let Go’

(Photo by Portland Press Herald via Getty Images)

With this killer collage, Swamp People alum T-Roy Broussard is showing off the effectiveness of his Swamp Swag Baits!

“New color, same result!! They don’t let go!! #swampswagbaits,” the pro gator hunter and bass fisherman posts to his Instagram Thursday. Within, he’s showcasing several excellent recent bass catches. Through his Swamp Swag baits, Broussard has caught at least four largemouth beauts, and Swamp People fans are all for it.

Kerry Cooper of Kerry Cooper Fishing replies “Troy you make some great colors!!”

Fan James Chance asks “Where we get these?” on the Instagram post.

Where, indeed! Now that he’s retired from Swamp People, Troy Broussard actually runs his own business. While he’s still as active as any in the gator hunting game, the south Texas native has Texas Swamp Stompers under his belt, too. Broussard’s company specializes in professional gator hunting, airboat rentals, and wetlands management. And now, as of 2021, they specialize in “Handmade soft plastic baits from the swamp!” too!

According to ol’ T-Roy himself, his outfit “got its name” from one of his old friends who came on a gator hunt for the first time. As for Broussard, he grew up stomping around in the marshes of Southeast Texas. The name is a perfect fit, all things considered. His childhood was spent hunting ducks, trapping game, and catching fish, right? So why not name Texas Swamp Stompers after his life’s legacy? One that he continues to this day – and probably will ’til his last breath!

‘Swamp People’ Vet Troy Broussard

For Broussard’s new Swamp Swag Baits, the pro fisher and hunter describes them as “Custom Hand poured soft plastics that include a special formula of scents that are cooked inside the bait.”

His slogan? “Fish don’t let go!!!!” Can’t argue with that many exclamation points, can we? The proof is in the pudding, too. And T-Roy is boasting plenty of proof via Instagram!

According to their Facebook page, the Swamp People star‘s Swamp Swag Baits would go public on February 22, 2021. It’s a new venture for the Swamp People star and one that looks to be paying off.

“Gator bait!!!!!” one fan comments, sharing Broussard’s penchant for exclamation points.

T-Roy is active on the company’s new Instagram account, too. For the baits above, he captions “Black creole on the menu!! One of my best colors! #swampswag!”

“Yes sir. Awesome color scheme,” one follower comments.

“Love that color and the Bluegill. Tearing them up!!!!” another Swamp People fan echoes. Is it just me, or is there a punctuation pattern happening here?

To keep up with Troy Broussard’s latest venture, be sure to follow his official Swamp Swag Baits Instagram page here.