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‘SWAT’ Shares the Key to a Happy Relationship

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Relationships are frequently compared to a number of things including a minefield, a dance, a battlefield, and more. Extra advice concerning them never hurts and luckily enough, a clip from SWAT may just provide the key to a happy relationship.

Okay, that might have been a slight exaggeration, but the show’s advice is sound, nonetheless. SWAT’s official Twitter account posted a clip last night with Victor Tan suffering ever-relatable relationship woes. Luckily, some of our favorite characters are there to help, for the most part.

In the clip, we see Tan coming to Jim Street and Christina Alonso with relationship troubles. Tan and his partner Bonnie were seemingly having a great evening together when Bonnie’s mood shifted radically, leaving Tan confused and worried. Alonso asked what happened, so he explained when the two went back to their building, there was something going on in the hallway. Someone was hassling the couple’s new neighbor. Tan sent him on his way but noticed Bonnie was remiss afterward.

Tan’s friends obviously have an idea why Bonnie was upset, with Street asking Tan to describe the neighbor. When he used the word “athletic,” Alonso cuts to the chase, asking if that’s “codeword for hot.” Tan doesn’t answer, simply saying Bonnie isn’t the jealous type. Despite asking Bonnie what was wrong, she said it was nothing.

Alonso then gives astute advice, telling Tan to ask again and with open-ended questions so she can talk. Street chimes in, telling Tan to actively listen and work to deactivate her negative feelings. When the other two eye him oddly, he responds “What? I took the hostage negotiation course, is this really any different?”

The show’s Twitter account said it best: take a hostage negotiation course if you’re having relationship troubles.

‘SWAT’ Actor David Lim Discussed How he Auditioned for the Show

David Lim plays Victor Tan on SWAT and has been a mainstay since it began. Discussing the audition process for the show, Lim disclosed it went so well the show created a character just for him.

Talking to Tell-Tale TV in 2017, Lim reflected on his audition process for SWAT. He went into the audition reading for two different roles and after getting a call, went back in for a third audition. He read for a character in his late 40’s and gave it all he had, but didn’t make the cut.

However, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as he received an incredible call a week later. “So I had moved on, and I was off auditioning for some other projects,” Lim stated. “About a week later I got a call from my agent, saying that SWAT had cast me in the part of Victor Tan, and they offered me a role!”

Though excited, Lim was confused, as he didn’t remember a character by that name in the script. As it turns out, they created an entirely new character because of his strong performance.

In a manner of speaking, Lim is Tan.