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Sylvester Stallone Is Flattered by Baby Crawling on ‘Rambo’ Blanket

(Photo by Rolf Vennenbernd/picture alliance via Getty Images)

A fan shared his kid walking over a “Rambo” blanket image, and it was enough to get Sylvester Stallone to show it some love.

The 75-year-old father of five called the video “incredibly flattering.” The toddler obscures an image before walking off to reveal the larger Rambo face picture. The blanket looks to be a marketing item from 1982. 

In the video clip, the classic movie theme blares in the background. There’s no word if the toddler had earplugs or not.

Sylvester Stallone added, “Also I think we just found the next star for the film CLIFFHANGER 2!!!!”

ScreenRant recorded the moment. Stallone’s 13-second video got viewed by more than 690,000 Instagram users by Thursday night. 

It’s kind of funny with the high-octane action and violent scenes in the film that the kid won’t be able to watch this Sylvester Stallone film for another 15 years. Ok, maybe 10.

Stallone’s Rambo Was Good Fun, But Is Another Movie Possible?

The Rambo films showcased Army Special Forces hero John J. Rambo. The Vietnam veteran battles PTSD and shows off his exceptional military skills to battle a wealth of enemies in lone wolf operations. While “Rambo: Last Blood” came out in 2019, its lackluster box office showing likely ruined any chance of additional sequels. But, you never know. Stallone said he’s down with another potential film version with the cultural icon. It would be the sixth of the long-running franchise. 

But maybe it’s all about the next generation. If this baby could fill the shoes of Ranger Gabriel Walker, there could always be hope for someone to tie Rambo’s classic red hairband around his forehead.

Curious Stallone Quote References Another Classic Movie

So, Sylvester Stallone joked that the kid could be in line for the next “Cliffhanger” movie.

Does this mean Stallone would return to the screen at 95? Probably not. Right now is go time. How many more “Expendables” movies are there? Especially with American moviegoers eating up remakes and sequels left and right at the moment.

Stallone tried to pump Instagram fans into a remake in 2015 without success.

Maybe Sylvester Stallone’s not hopeful for a sequel to that famed 1993 movie. If you look at the facts, the $70 million budget paid off with a $255 box office take. I mean, John Lithgow as a bad guy? You can’t go wrong with that formula.

There have only been three rumored remakes of the film. A “Cliffhanger 2: The Dam” lived from 1994 to 2008. Reportedly, Stallone’s character would have battled terrorists on the Hoover Dam, but nothing ever came of it.

Another 2009 remake was bandied about by French movie studio StudioCanal, but the schedule didn’t work out. The movie production was a 2010 dream, but a script never materialized.

Three years ago, some movie producers talked about a female-centered “Cliffhanger” with Jason Momoa involved in a minor role. But that’s about it. Sorry, Sylvester Stallone. But maybe one day.