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Tape Featuring Unreleased 1970 John Lennon Song Sells for Staggering Price

(Photo by Art Zelin/Getty Images)

How much would you pay to hear a never-before-released song by the late, and very great, John Lennon?

And, what if this “never-before-released” song is featured on a cassette tape featuring a “never-before-released” interview with the music icon, as well as some unique performances of the singer’s hits?

Well, one fortunate auction winner has found a price for such an item. That price? Just under $60,000.

A Once-In-A-Lifetime Interview

In 1970, John Lennon and Yoko Ono met with a group of students and journalists in Denmark. The January 5 1970 meeting involved John Lennon, Yoko Ono, and a small group of journalists.

The meeting also included a small group of four very lucky sixteen-year-old students.

The group was seeking to speak with Lennon for their school magazine, the auction house that sold the cassette tape reports.

However, the unique cassette had never been released to the public. At least until recently; when it made its way onto the auction block at the According to the Brunn Rasmussen Auction House on Tuesday, September 28.

A 33-minute cassette tape recording was made ten years before the music icon was shot to death outside of his New York City apartment.

An Icons Never-Released Performance

The unreleased cassette tape, featuring the conversations and recordings, is punctuated with the singer performing a previously unheard song entitled “Radio Peace.”

According to the Brunn Rasmussen Auction House, the cassette recording featuring John Lennon went on the auction block Tuesday where it brought in a total bid of $58,125.

During the recording, one of the students sitting with the iconic singer asks Lennon to play something on the guitar; at which point he delivers the one-of-a-kind performance.

“[Lennon] speaks of the reason for being in Skyum Bjerge, how their art and music champions world peace and how everybody can contribute to world peace,” notes the auction house’s description of the unique item.

“There is talk about the length of his hair, and their micro-macro diet,” the description continues. The description also adds that the cassette tape includes discussions about the former Beatles’ time with the timeless band; as well as “how it was to perform with the Beatles.”

John Lennon Talks Candidly

The discussions also included moments discussing with John Lennon his take on starting his own career; away from the iconic group. He also discussed his thoughts on “the importance of crashing the Beatle image.”

And, the auction house notes, the cassette tape features one other performance that many fans would find to be priceless.

John Lennon also performs a rendition of his call-for peace hit, “Give Peace a Chance,” on the newly released tape.

The auction house notes that Lennon performs the songs “in a slightly different version in this interview.”

That sounds amazing. Really…now we all want to know what that means!

It may be a while before we get to hear these recordings – if ever, but we do know for sure that one lucky auction goer can soon hear them for themselves.