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Ted Nugent on Joe Biden Winning Election: ‘Devils Are About To Take Control of America’

(Photo by Scott Legato/Getty Images)

Ted Nugent has been by Donald Trump’s side during the election, so it’s only fitting that he’s still defending him now.

Ted Nugent recorded a live video around noon Eastern time on Saturday. He starts out with a grin on his face, and by saying he’s celebrating because he shot a buck this morning. Then he continues to profess his love for his wife.

The tone of the video turns and Nugent says, “I know it’s difficult to understand how I could be so loving on the day the devils are about to take control of America.”

Nugent’s waiting for his wife, Shemane Nugent, to make him breakfast. He continues to talk about his early morning kill and says that this is where he’s deriving his happiness from today. The Michigan-native also teases his wife and says he loves his wife and continues to make comments about her body while masticating his food.

A little more than halfway in the video, Nugent says that he’s actually calm, “I’m definitively comfortable right now because I’m adequately stimulated deep into the relax zone.”

Although he says he comfortable, but not comfortably dumb, he’s going to “go there” there with his followers. “Joe Bidden and Kamala Harris, they represent the devil. There is no democrat party. It’s now the Marxist devil party. Devil Joe and devil Kamala are not going to take our guns. Period.”

Nugent finishes up with God bless America. And, you’re not going to take our guns. As a matter of fact, he says to call your governor and major and congressmen and tell them we stand with Trump.

Furthermore, he says that George Floyd killed himself with fentanyl, and that Biden and Harris hate America.