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‘The Brady Bunch’: Christopher Knight Explained Why Florence Henderson’s Carol Brady Was the Mom We All Want

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Who didn’t want Carol Brady from “The Brady Bunch” to be their mom?

Carol Brady was the kind of mother everyone wanted. Whether you were a kid or an adult, everyone felt loved when watching Carol on “The Brady Bunch.” So, when she passed on November 24, 2016, the world mourned the loss of one of their iconic mamas. During an interview in 2016, Christopher Knight, who played Peter on the show, talked about the way Florence Henderson acted as a mother to everyone.

“She’s the kind of mom that you want. Even if you had a mom like that, you’d take another one. And if you didn’t have a mom like that, then she represented the mom that you didn’t have. And it’s a terrible tragedy that we’ve all lost her,” said Knight. “But we all own her. I know that I will live being who I am with her. Because she’s had a very important role in my life. And I am a great deal of who I am because of her.”

Knight added that he attributes who is today, in part, to Florence Henderson.

“She was just a wonderful kinda warm, and stern, mothering figure,” said Knight. “And to me, she was just someone I never wanted to disappoint. I just had such high esteem for her, and I think for everyone, that’s what we all reacted to. She just the kind of mom that you want.”

Christopher Knight talks about the loss of Florence Henderson from “The Brady Bunch”

Florence Henderson Said She Felt Lucky To Work With ‘The Brady Bunch’ Cast During an Interview In 1999

As lucky as everyone felt to have Florence Henderson as their onscreen mom on “The Brady Bunch,” Henderson also felt lucky to have such a great cast for the show. During an interview in 1999, Henderson talked about how grateful she was to work with such a great cast.

“I think that Sherwood (Schwartz, executive producer) spent hours and hours and hours and saw hundreds of kids for these roles,” said Henderson. “(And) I think one that made it early was Susan Olsen, Cindy. But I think they saw hundreds and hundreds of kids and, my goodness, what a stroke of luck that they wound up with those particular kids. Because I think another reason why the show has lasted was that initial chemistry of Bob, Ann, me, and the six kids.”

Not only did the cast look great onscreen but they also had great connections off camera. Members of the cast remained close throughout their lives and still share a family bond of sorts today.