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‘The Brady Bunch’: Cindy Actress Susan Olsen Used to Make-Out With This Fellow Brady Co-Star

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The Brady Bunch actress, Susan Olsen, once revealed the details on all her very not Brady activities in a 2015 interview with ABC Australia.

Actress Susan Olsen, who played Cindy on The Brady Bunch, started her time on set when she was only eight years old. Growing up on a world-famous television show along with five other onscreen siblings wasn’t always easy – but, according to Olsen, it was always an adventure. During the interview, Olsen opened up about some of her on and off-set secrets. She started by revealing which of her co-stars she made out with.

 “We led a sheltered life for part of the year,” said Olsen. “So if there was anybody to get a crush on or try to date, it would be our counterparts.”

Olsen admitted that she made out with her onscreen step-brother Bobby, played by Mike Lookinland. The two made out in the doghouse on set when they were as young as nine years old. Susan Olsen also revealed which siblings did not get along well during the filming of The Brady Bunch. She said that Maureen McCormick, who played Marcia, and Eve Plumb, who played Jan, had an ongoing feud.

“I think it’s kind of petty,” said Olsen. “From day one with these two I have always been in the middle, and now it’s at the point where there isn’t even a desire to communicate through me. It’s all really petty, but if your feelings get hurt when you’re really young, some people carry it with them. Or maybe to them, moving on means moving away.”

Susan Olsen Used to Grow Weed

The youngest Brady star also revealed how she made money after The Brady Bunch. She said that, despite the show skyrocketing to fame, the cast wasn’t raking in the dough. In fact, she said that during the whole first season, cast members had to pay for their own parking. So, after the show ended, Olsen found a more lucrative endeavor to pursue. She grew and sold pot.

“I guess technically…I was really a marijuana grower,” said Olsen. “My husband at the time and I grew it hydroponically.”

Susan Olsen said that she never really enjoyed smoking weed, but taking care of the plants was a hobby for her.

“I’ve always been into ‘gardening,’ and it’s such a complicated, wonderful, fascinating plant,” she said.

Ultimately, she ended up divorcing her husband because growing marijuana illegally was more than Olsen wanted to deal with.

“But that was one of the reasons why I did leave my husband, because it just bothered me too much that we were doing something so illegal.