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‘The Brady Bunch’ Star Said Family Was ‘A Bit Resentful’ of Attention Due to Show

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When one family member is getting a lot of attention, it can make the other members a little resentful, according to one member of The Brady Bunch.

Barry Williams is without a doubt best remembered for his role as Greg Brady, the eldest of the Brady sons. He was cast the part on the 1970s sitcom before going on to appear in multiple other guest roles on television. He also got involved in musical theater, where he spent time on Grease, The Sound of Music, and West Side Story.

Williams knew that he wanted to be an actor even as a young kid. And in 1967 at just 13-years-old, he made his TV debut in a “Christmas” episode of Dragnet 1967. It was just two years later that he got the part as Greg Brady on The Brady Bunch.

However, not many people tend to think of the family dynamic involved whenever they see a star actor. Barry Williams went from being a normal teenage kid to quickly becoming a national hit. And as a result, the now 66-year-old says that his family was “a bit resentful” once he started getting a lot of attention.

In an interview with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette back in 2014, Williams explained the intricate dynamic between family members.

“My family, or my brothers, in particular, were not jealous of the time that I spent,” Williams explains. “I think they were a bit resentful of the amount of attention that came my way because of the series. I think that’s a pretty typical dynamic with families where one of the children is getting an inordinate amount of attention.”

‘The Brady Bunch’ Star Shines in Other Roles

Although he is best known as Greg Brady, Barry Williams continued to find success in other shows and movies as well once The Brady Bunch ended in 1974.

“In addition to doing a television series, I had other shows and movies that I’ve done,” Williams said. I wrote a best-selling book about growing up with The Brady Bunch. I was a DJ for Sirius radio for five years. … toured all over the country as a singer and recorded albums and CDs. There is a show I am currently doing in Branson called ”70s Music Celebration.’ It’s my company, my show. I produced a new series coming on Great American Country. So I just think it is diversity.”

Having just turned 60-years-old at the time of the interview, Williams said that he is happy with how his career has panned out.

“I’m comfortable with the success that I’ve had. But also it is an ongoing process,” Williams said. “You know, I just turned 60. And I’m all energized and I’m ready to start off on a completely new challenge. I think I am more comfortable in my skin because I have a lot less to prove and I’m grateful for a lot more.”

There’s no question that he has certainly had success elsewhere. But we’ll always be most appreciative for his portrayal of Greg Brady from The Brady Bunch. For more on The Brady Bunch and other classic television series, stay with us here on Outsider.