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‘The Brady Bunch’: Why One Actor Called the Cast’s HGTV Reunion ‘Lightning in a Bottle’

(Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM)

The Brady Bunch HGTV reunion was nothing short of magic.

The cast agreed that the moment was nothing like any other television reunion out there. To mark the legendary sitcom’s 50th anniversary in 2019, the cast reunited to renovate the actual house that was used for exterior filming. Christopher Knight, who portrayed Peter Brady, described the moment as “lightning in a bottle.”

“There is an odd feeling sometimes when you’re on a project and it’s like lightning in a bottle,” Knight told the Sydney Morning Herald in 2019. “It was a great stroke of genius to allow for the opportunity and expense, buying a house sight unseen and then backing into figuring out how to make it into a television show. They had no clue of any of that.”

Recreating the iconic home of the Brady family was something that required the entire cast. Unlike other reunions, all of the living actors participated in the special. Alongside Knight, Barry Williams (Greg), Maureen McCormick, Eve Plumb (Jan), Susan Olsen (Cindy), and Mike Lookinland (Bobby) took part.

He later added, “In 50 years there has never been a reunion that had everybody; about 15 years ago we got together to reminisce about the show but it wasn’t a show format, and maybe neither is this. And that I think is one of the things that allowed it to be a much more positive experience.”

The Brady Bunch Bond

Knight revealed that his five television siblings are like family, and it shows on the special. “All six working together was a tremendous kick in the pants, he told New Idea. “There is a chemistry that exists between us, perhaps because we were raised together. We spent those years, aged 10-to-16 around each other, and we’ve become family as a consequence, and you’ll see that in the show.”

Their friendships have lasted over the years despite tabloid rumors, childhood television drama, and being constantly together while filming. Over the years, the six actors had to mourn the tragic deaths of their fellow cast members, Robert Reed (Mike), Florence Henderson (Carol), and Ann B. Davis (Alice).

“Other than my own family, there is nobody that I’ve maintained friendships with for as long as I have with Barry, Maureen, Mike, Susan, and Eve,” Knight admitted. “They are my oldest friends, and I’m happy to call them friends. And I’m glad that it shows on screen, the love that we have – and the regard we have for each other.”