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‘The Conners’ Family Member Actor Set to Reprise Role in Special Reunion

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The Conners is setting up for an emotional ending to season three.

Why? It’s because D.J. Conner’s wife is coming home. What a family reunion that could be. According to TVLine.com, Geena will come back for the season three finale, which is set to run on May 19. The episode is called Two Proposals, a Homecoming and a Bear.

The last time Maya Lynne Robinson, who portrayed Geena, was on The Conners was in season one. She never was intended to be written out of the family. Robinson took a role on the sitcom The Unicorn. So writers sent Geena back to Afghanistan. CBS currently is deciding whether to keep The Unicorn on air or not, so it’s unclear whether there will be more of a role for Robinson on The Conners.

The Conners, which is supposed to be a comedy, has addressed some serious issues this season. Of course, this is also the sit-com that killed off Roseanne, the matriarch of the family, by having her die of an overdose of pain medication.

Geena Will Return for Life-changing Decision for The Conners

TVLine reported that Geena will be making some life-changing decisions that will be pivotal for D.J. and their young daughter.

The finale also will have two proposals. There’s a ton of speculation that one of the proposals will be between Dan and Louise (played by Katey Sagal). Showrunner Bruce Helford told TVLine “there are some major events coming for Dan and Louise, as we come to the end of the season.” So that would be a positive turn for the show. It probably all depends on whether Sagal and her new series Rebel is picked up by ABC.

The Conners still must deal with Darlene and Ben.

Helford said of the couple: “I can say that there are lots of couples on the show (where) love is in bloom… or in decline of bloom. But there will be events in all the relationships as we move towards the (season finale).”

The Conners featured an emotional plot twist earlier in the season. Fans saw the return of Molly Tilden, the former neighbor. She also was a friend and rival of Darlene’s. Darlene Harris, the actress who portrayed Molly, appeared this season for two episodes. She and Darlene reconnected and made amends on the show. Molly told Darlene to embrace life. Then, Molly died of brain cancer.

Plus, Becky has had a rough year. She went back to rehab to treat her alcoholism. And the show finally revealed how Becky’s husband, Mark, died. He was killed when his motorcycle hit a deer.

So maybe a D.J.-Geena reunion will hit us in the best sort of feels.