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‘The Conners’: Legendary ‘Seinfeld’ Actor Jason Alexander Will Have Guest Star Arc in Season 4

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Fans of the ABC sitcom “The Conners” can expect some exciting things!

Watchers will be happy to hear of a new addition to the upcoming brand-new season of the quirky comedy.

It has recently been announced that seasoned sitcom actor and former “Seinfeld” star, Jason Alexander will be adding his comedic skills to the popular ABC show.

Alexander’s cameo is part of a two-episode arc on “The Conners.”

Alexander takes on the role of “Pastor Phil in the popular show.

Pastor Phil will be introduced to fans of the popular evening sitcom when Conner sisters Darlene and Becky played by Sara Gilbert and Lecy Goranson, respectively, decide to seek spiritual guidance. The sisters do this by attending an AA meeting.

Once there, Darlene and Becky begin to feel drawn to the oddball cleric. Who, according to reports, has a fairly atypical past.

Jason Alexander’s Pastor Phil chooses to use his humor while communicating with his flock.

An Exciting Season In “The Conners” Household

The upcoming season of “The Conners” will continue to follow the Conner family as we have come to know them. Fans will continue to follow the Conners as they struggle with daily life in Lanford Illinois.

The Conner family is headed by Dan Conner (John Goodman). Dan and his family face life’s ups and downs of life each week. Sometimes the problems are funny. Sometimes they are heartbreaking. In each case however, the show handles the topics with grace.

Dan’s sister-in-law, Jackie (Laurie Metcalf) is often in and out of the Conner home. As are Dan’s adult children daughters Darlene (Gilbert), Becky (Goranson). And his son, D.J. played by Michael Fishman.

The series follows the brood as they deal with a variety of daily issues such as parenthood, finances, jobs. Pretty much all of the general pressures faced by the working-class families throughout the country.

Reports of the new season promise some pretty major storylines in the new season of the hit ABC series. In addition to Jason Alexander’s planned storyline.

Jason Alexander became a household name in the 1990s portraying the oft suffering George Castanza on the iconic NBC comedy hit, “Seinfeld.”

“Seinfeld” was a comedic take on Seinfeld’s own life in New York City. Well, while that’s the general description, “Seinfeld” was really a show about “nothing.”

As of now, there is no news on when exactly Alexander’s episodes will air during season four of “The Conners.”

However, the family’s propensity to persevere while remaining light-hearted and full of love is certainly enough to keep fans returning. Even as they wait for Pastor Phil’s moment on-screen.