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The Dutton Family Tree: From ‘1883’ to ‘1923’ to ‘Yellowstone’

The Dutton Family Tree: From '1883' to '1923' to 'Yellowstone'. (Graphic by Daniel Garcia, Outsider)

Curious how Harrison Ford‘s 1923 character is related to Kevin Costner‘s John Dutton? We’re bridging the gaps from 1883 to 1923 to Yellowstone with our full, mapped-out Dutton Family Tree right here on Outsider.

*Updated February 11, 2023 to reflect 1923‘s latest episodes

A lot is being revealed in the first season of 1923. For starters, we now know there are at least seven generations of Duttons on-screen, starting with 1883‘s James Dutton working all the way down to Yellowstone‘s Tate Dutton. And this makes a certain Indigenous leader’s prophecy in 1883 all the more telling about the future of this family.

We’re able to flesh out the Dutton Family Tree much more completely as a result of the Harrison Ford-starring prequel, too. And while looking over our family tree, keep in mind that “est.” is abbreviating “estimated,” as we do not know the exact birth and/or death dates for the majority of these characters. Some we do know, however, like Yellowstone‘s Dutton siblings. So let’s get to it and see exactly how television’s top family all connects from one show to the other:

For more detail, dive into our full breakdown below. *But please beware of major spoilers for Yellowstone, 1883, and 1923 ahead.*

Dutton Family Tree
Dutton Family Tree, pieced together by the Outsider team. NOTE: This tree is an estimation, and is not confirmed by Paramount or Taylor Sheridan. Sheridan continues to write the story of this family, and we won’t have any definitive answers until he writes them for future shows/episodes. (Photo credit: Outsider)

‘1883’: James Dutton (Tim McGraw)

The first Dutton to establish the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch, James Dutton moved his family from Tennessee through Texas out into the American West as part of the Westward Expansion. Due to the death of his beloved daughter, Elsa, James and the remaining family settled in Montana, establishing the Yellowstone in the year 1883 with his wife, Margaret, and their 5-year-old son, John Dutton I. A few years later, James & Margaret would have another boy, Spencer Dutton.

As a Montana Deputy, James died when his boys were still young after being shot by horse thieves in a gunfight.

James also lost both his sister, Claire (Dawn Olivieri) and niece, Mary Abel (Emma Malouff), in a gunfight near the beginnings of the Oregon Trail in West Texas in 1883.

*Note: Paramount reps confirmed to press that Claire is James’s sister, not Margaret’s.

‘1883’: Margaret Dutton (Faith Hill)

The original matriarch of the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch, Margaret and her husband, James, lost their first child, Elsa, before raising their two boys in the earliest years of the ranch until James’ untimely death.

1923 reveals Magaret’s grim fate, in which she was a victim of the first winter without James. Their boys survived and went on to be raised by James’ older brother, Jacob, and his wife, Cara.

‘1883’: Elsa Dutton (Isabel May)

The only daughter of James & Margaret Dutton, Elsa died at the age of 18 as a result of a poisoned arrow shot through her abdomen by an Indigenous warrior. In her final moments, she picked the spot for her death as her father held her, establishing the grounds where the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch would be founded in the year 1883.

‘1883’-‘1923’: John Dutton I (Audie Rick, Jack Michael Doke, James Badge Dale)

The firstborn son of James & Margaret Dutton, John Dutton I made it to Montana with his parents and sister, Elsa, at the age of 5. He would grow up on the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch with his mother and little brother, Spencer, after the death of his sister and father.

As an adult, John is taken under the wing of his uncle, Jacob Dutton, who becomes the proprietor of the family ranch. John will then inherit the ranch himself sometime around or after 1923 with his wife, Emma, and their son, John ‘Jack’ Dutton.

‘Yellowstone’ Flashbacks – ‘1923’: Spencer Dutton (Charlie Stover, Brandon Sklenar)

The younger brother of John Dutton I and youngest child of parents James & Margaret. Spencer lived his childhood on the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch before becoming a storied soldier of World War I. He would be further tormented by its horrors as he returned home, choosing to leave and chase the life of a big game hunter in Africa.

During his travels, Spencer meets a young woman, Alexandra, and the two quickly form a strong bond, then set out together to return to Montana to rejoin the Dutton legacy. It is possible that these two carry on the Dutton Family Tree together through their offspring (full breakdown here).

‘1923’: Jacob Dutton (Harrison Ford)

Jacob Dutton is the proprietor of the Dutton Yellowstone Ranch after the death of his younger brother, James Dutton (1883‘s Tim McGraw). Jacob becomes a father figure to James’ sons, John and Spencer, and oversees the Dutton’s legacy throughout Prohibition and the Great Depression. His wife, Cara, runs the ranch alongside him.

‘1923’: Cara Dutton (Helen Mirren)

Matriarch Cara Dutton is of Irish descent and a fierce rancher herself. As wife to Jacob Dutton, the two raised John & Spencer Dutton as their own into the 20th century. Cara shares a strong, unique bond with Spencer and writes to him during his world travels.

‘1923’: Emma Dutton (Marley Shelton)

Emma Dutton is the wife of John Dutton I. Together, the two have Jack Dutton, who may one day inherit the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch from his parents. As Spencer Dutton returns from his world travels, however, this becomes unlikely.

‘1923’: John ‘Jack’ Dutton (Darren Mann)

Jack Dutton is the son of John Dutton I and Emma Dutton, and great nephew to Jacob Dutton. A dedicated rancher who is deeply loyal to his family, Jack may eventually father another John Dutton, named after himself and his father, as “Jack” is shorthand for John in this time period. This could continue on the John Dutton lineage of their family tree as proprietor of the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch.

‘1923’: Elisabeth Strafford Dutton (Michelle Randolph)

Elizabeth Strafford is a feisty and capable young woman who is set to marry Jack Dutton. Together, these two may have a son, John, who continues their line. This son may become John Dutton Sr, who is the father to present-day John Dutton of Yellowstone.

In 1923‘s first season, Elizabeth becomes pregnant with Jack’s child. Currently, it is unknown if their baby survives to become the next John Dutton.

‘Yellowstone’ Flashbacks: John Dutton III (Dabney Coleman)

Presumably the son of Jack and Elizabeth Dutton, this John Dutton is named after his father and grandfather and will one day inherit the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. Who he marries is unknown, but together they have John Dutton IV, who then inherits the ranch into modern times.

John Dutton III also had another son, a brother to John Dutton IV, Peter Dutton, who died shortly after birth. Another brother may have existed, Chance Dutton, for which a gravestone is seen in the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch graveyard.

‘Yellowstone’: John Dutton IV (Kevin Costner, Josh Lucas)

The son of John Dutton III and the modern day patriarch and proprietor of the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch, John Dutton fiercely protects his family tree and their legacy. With wife Evelyn, the two raise their children, Lee, Beth, and Kayce Dutton, on the ranch. They also adopt Jamie Randall, naming him Jamie Dutton, and raise him as one of their own.

‘Yellowstone’ Flashbacks: Evelyn Dutton (Gretchen Mol)

Wife of John Dutton IV, Evelyn dies in 1997 after a horse-riding accident while out with their daughter, Beth. In life, she gave birth to Lee, Beth, and Kayce Dutton, as well as adopting Jamie.

‘Yellowstone’: Lee Dutton (Dave Annable, Kip Denton)

The oldest son of Evelyn and John Dutton IV, Lee was born in 1980. Poised to inherit the ranch, Lee tragically dies in 2018 in a gunfight resulting from land disputes with the Broken Rock Reservation. He is buried in the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch graveyard, only to be dug up and cremated to protect his family.

‘Yellowstone’: Jamie Dutton (Wes Bentley, Dalton Baker)

The second-oldest son of Evelyn and John IV, Jamie Dutton was born Jamie Randall in 1982. He was adopted by his Dutton parents as an infant. After discovering this as an adult, his biological father, Garrett Randall (Will Patton) re-enters his life.

Amid a deeply-troubled relationship with his Dutton family, Jamie is forced to murder Randall in 2021. Beforehand, he fathers a baby boy himself with Christina, a political associate-turned lover. They name their son Jamie Dutton, making him the second of this name. Interestingly, both also bare the name of the original Dutton settler, James Dutton.

‘Yellowstone’: Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly, Kylie Rogers)

The only daughter of Evelyn and John Dutton IV, Beth Dutton was born in 1984. She remains a fierce protector of her father’s legacy throughout her adulthood. Due to her pregnancy (with Rip Wheeler) as a teen, Beth is taken to an Indigenous women’s clinic and sterilized. Her older brother, Jamie, commits to this tragedy as a teen, creating a life-long hatred between them.

Beth’s greatest regret is trusting Jamie as teens, and being unable to carry on the Dutton family tree herself. As an adult, Beth marries Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser). Unable to have children, the two foster an orphan, Carter (Finn Little), together.

‘Yellowstone’: Kayce Dutton (Luke Grimes, Rhys Alterman)

Born in 1990, Kayce Dutton is the youngest son of Evelyn and John Dutton IV. As their only remaining child willing to inherit the ranch, Kayce waffles on this responsibility throughout adulthood.

Kayce marries an Indigenous Broken Rock Reservation woman, Monica Long. Together, they have a son, Tate Dutton, sometime in the 2010s. Through his children, Kayce becomes the only sixth-generation Dutton to continue the family tree by blood. Sadly, Kayce and Monica lose their second son, John Dutton V, shortly after birth.

‘Yellowstone’: Monica Dutton (Kelsey Asbille)

Born Monica Long in 1993, Monica marries Kayce and takes his Dutton name. She hails from the Indigenous Broken Rock Reservation that remains in conflict with the Duttons over their owning of ancestral land.

Together, Monica and Kayce have their first son, Tate, and tragically lose their second son, John Dutton V, an hour after birth. Monica wishes for another child, however, and may birth further Dutton kin.

‘Yellowstone’: Tate Dutton (Brecken Merrill)

Tate Dutton is the only living seventh generation Dutton by blood. He was born to Kayce and Monica Dutton sometime in the 2010s. He is of both Dutton settler and Broken Rock ancestry, and is poised to inherit the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch.

Tate’s place on the Dutton family tree, however, is a foreboding one. As the seventh generation, an indigenous prophecy from the year 1883 says he is to oversee the return of his Dutton family’s land to his ancestral Broken Rock family. Whether Tate fulfills this prophecy as half-Indigenous, or loses the ranch altogether, is unknown.

This prophecy is also bolstered by the death of his younger brother, John Dutton V, shortly after birth.

For more on this, be sure to see our Yellowstone Season 5: Will John Dutton Die? next. 1923 streams exclusively on Paramount Plus.