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‘The Voice’: Kelly Clarkson Was Left in Tears After This Performance

Photo by: Rick Diamond/Getty Images for Music Business Association

There’s been no shortage of emotional performances during the two decades that “The Voice” has been airing on NBC.

From emotional backstories, powerhouse ballads, and tear-jerking covers, contestants have an ability to get both viewers and even the four coaches chocked up.

Kelly Clarkson was deeply moved to tears after a performance that happened during the Knockout Rounds on “The Voice.” Shadale is a contestant on Team John Legend. She performed Shontelle’s powerhouse song “Impossible.”

Kelly Clarkson is Moved to Tears on ‘The Voice’

The result was an incredibly intense, passionate, and emotional rendition of the 2010 single. In fact, Shadale broke down in tears after she was done performing the song in front of the coaches and millions of others tuning in at home.

John Legend compared the artist to Mary J. Blige when he gave positive feedback to his artist. Meanwhile, when it was time for Kelly Clarkson to comment on the performance she got visibly emotional. She began dabbing at her wet eyes with her hands and a tissue.

She said, “Give me a minute because that was … woo! That was really well done. It’s such an important thing in the knockouts to show us who you are and what you’re feeling.”

As for who she is, viewers previously learned that Shadale is a single mom outside of her life as an astounding artist. Clarkson can relate to this in many ways. She has spoken out about some of the struggles related to family, relationships, and children in the past. When she was a kid, her siblings were all split up and lived in different homes. She lived with her mother. Her dad had gotten remarried and had kids with his second wife.

Kelly Clarkson Personal Challenges and Emotional Response

According to Ok! Magazine, Clarkson had tried to reach out to her dad in the past. He rejected it after his messy divorce from her mother. She said in the past that she didn’t know if “he was even capable of love.”

More recently, Clarkson went through a very public divorce with her husband of seven years, Brandon Blackstock. They have two kids together. Clarkson wanted Shadale to know that she really connected with the performance.

“That song, it’s really hard to tap into your emotions and still be able to carry that song, and I know that at the very end you got very emotional. It was just such a perfect song choice and I obviously connected to your message, and I would go with Shadale,” she said. Shadale was chosen to advance into the Live Playoffs round.

Kelly Clarkson has repeatedly stated just how important her kids are to her. During the divorce, Clarkson really wanted to make sure that her kids would be okay. She said on “The Kelly Clarkson Show” in December, “There are so many hard parts. The hardest for me is the kids. That’s the hardest part for me…I think as women we are trained — Alicia Keys and I were talking earlier — to take it all on and you can deal with it and you’re fine, but it’s your babies that you worry about.”