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‘The Waltons’ Star Judy Norton Reveals Current Projects She’s Working On

(Photo by Ben Horton/Getty Images)

After playing Mary Ellen Walton for all nine seasons of “The Waltons” and all the reunion projects, it’s obvious that Judy Norton loved acting on the show. Even decades after the last episode aired, Norton still stays connected to “The Waltons” through her video series, “Behind-the-Scenes with Judy Norton.” During the series, Norton shares details about the show that most people couldn’t hear anywhere else. However, “The Waltons” isn’t the only acting gig Norton is interested in. In fact, during a recent episode of her video series, Norton revealed all the other projects she’s working on.

“I always have projects in the work. I always have scripts I’m working on,” said Norton. “I’m working on a couple of scripts with a writer friend of mine.”

Norton also revealed some details about a sci-fi project she’s working on now.

“I just recently shot a short film that I wrote and directed and also played a role in and that should be, we’re in the editing process right now,” she said. “So, at some point, it will be available and I’ll let you know how you can watch it. It’s a fun sort of sci-fi space travel thing.”

‘The Waltons’ Star Judy Norton Does A Lot More Than Just Act

Norton added that she does a lot more than acting. In fact, she’s involved in almost every aspect of filmmaking.

“I have written several films that have been produced. One of them was ‘Inclusion Criteria’/’Nowhere to Hide’ which is out and available,” said Norton. “And then my very first one was a film was called “Finding Harmony” which, hopefully, will be out soon.”

Her others films are very different from the sci-fi project she’s working on now. She says that “Finding Harmony” is a beautiful family drama.

“It’s a family drama, a beautiful story starring Billy Zane and Alison Eastwood,” said Norton. “That one was very special to me.”

The other movie Norton wrote kind of reminds us of “The Waltons” episode called “The Seashore.” During the episode, the family stays in a seaside home. The episode is special because fans get to watch the family interact with people and places outside their usual element.

“And then one that takes place, sort of a summer fun movie called ‘Another Day in Paradise’ which also should be out before too long. It takes place at a water park,” said Norton. “So that one’s kind of a lot of fun. And the way they used to do summer teen movies at the beach, it’s sort of like that but at a water park.”

That’s all the information Norton revealed about her film projects. However, she assured her fans that there will be more to come.

“And then I have some more that I am working on,” said Norton. “So, hopefully, before long I’ll be able to tell you more about other film projects in the works.”