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‘Tiger King’ Star Jeff Lowe Airlifted to Hospital After Stroke, Suspects He Was Poisoned

(Photo by Helen H. Richardson/MediaNews Group/The Denver Post via Getty Images)

Co-Star of Netflix’s “Tiger King,” Jeff Lowe, is recovering after he suffered a stroke in an Oklahoma casino on Mar. 18. According to TMZ, Lowe’s wife, Lauren, revealed that the star was unresponsive and not breathing when she discovered him at the WinStar Casino around 3 AM. 

Immediately, Lauren dialed 911 to get medical assistance. After EMTs arrived, they determined that Lowe was suffering a stroke and airlifted him to a Texas hospital. Even though it’s reportedly likely Lowe will make a full recovery, Lauren said, “I thought he was dying in my arms” after she found him. Lauren added that the doctors at the hospital were miracle workers, as they did everything they could to save his life.

However, the couple believes that foul play is involved. After Lowe’s doctors ran tests, they could not find out why Lower suffered a stroke. That’s when the couple became suspicious that someone poisoned Lowe.  

Lauren added that on Mar. 17, they went to dinner together just hours before the incident. While eating, a stranger approached the couple and alleged that he knew them. He even claimed he knew their favorite drink orders. Lauren and Lowe had no idea who the man was and said they had never met him before. Lauren says they believe the man spiked Lowe’s drink with something that might have caused him to have a stroke. 

However, after doctors ran tests on Lowe’s blood and urine, it came back negative for any drugs. Thankfully, after a three-day stint in the hospital, Lowe is back home and recovering. However, his wife says he’s having difficulties with talking and getting around. 

‘Tiger King’ Star Indicted by USDA for Mistreating Animals

The 53-year-old is best known for appearing in the 2020 hit docuseries “Tiger King.” As the series unfolds, Lowe becomes the owner of a private zoo after Joe “Exotic,” the previous owner, gets convicted for a murder-for-hire scheme. Lowe later relinquishes the land to Carole Baskin, the alleged victim of Joe Exotic’s murder plot. 

In Dec. 2020, the U.S. Department of Agriculture brought a lawsuit upon Lowe, accusing him of “recurring inhumane treatment and improper handling” of animals, according to the BBC. However, Lowe believes the lawsuit was brought against him because of “Tiger King’s” popularity.

“The USDA is attacking us because of Netflix’s “Tiger King.” It made them look like a bunch of buffoons,” he said. “You know, the Doc Antle’s, Joe Exotic and the Carole Baskins – it looks like the USDA was supervising a freak show and not doing anything about this flagrant trafficking of tiger cubs.”