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Tim Allen Announces Death of Friend Who Taught Him ‘How to Drive a Race Car’

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Though renowned for his comedy, television, and movie appearances, Tim Allen has another huge passion: cars. Sadly, it seems the friend who taught Allen how to drive race cars passed away.

Lamenting the loss on social media platforms, Tim Allen tweeted about losing Bob Bondurant a few hours ago.

“Great Automotive legend Bob Bondurant passed this weekend,” the tweet solemnly reads. “He taught me how to drive a race car which led to a seat in a Mustang which I raced for Ford and team Saleen. ‘Aim where you want to go and not where you don’t want to be.’ Bless you Bob and your family.”

For those who don’t know, Bondurant was a champion race car driver and even founded his own racing school. He established the school in 1968 after suffering an accident that ended his racing career. Saying he had a conversation with God, he felt he needed to give back and created the school. It boasts more than 500,000 graduates, with some of them being notable celebrities. James Garner, Paul Newman, Nicholas Cage, Christian Bale, and Tom Cruise are only a few of the graduates.

It seems Bondurant played a huge role in Allen’s life. Without his help, who knows if Tim would be the car enthusiast he is today. Many Twitter users chime in with their condolences, with some having attended Bondurant’s racing school as well. “As a law enforcement officer, I learned high speed pursuit driving. It was an awesome school. RIP,” one user wrote. Another said something similar, stating “A great loss. His team taught us how to drive the high performance C-6 Corvette for Chevy training years ago. Every day I drive by the track we trained in. Great memories.”

Bob Bondurant passed away at 88 years of age.

Mike Rowe Says Tim Allen Has Many Talents and Doesn’t Know How to Label Him

Mike Rowe and Tim Allen are two men with similar interests and outlooks on life. While recording a video for his YouTube channel, Rowe described Allen as a man of many talents. So many, in fact, he doesn’t know what to label him.

Calling Allen his “TV big brother,” Rowe invited him as a guest for a video. The two starred together on Allen’s Last Man Standing once, and the chemistry was palpable. After some joking around, Rowe talked about his admiration for the accomplished actor.

“Look, I’m such a fan of how you’ve carved out your world because I don’t know how to describe you, I never have. You’re a stand up, you’re an actor, you’re a philosopher, you’re a mechanic of sorts. But you’ve figured it out. And I’ve tried to do something similar in a slightly different way. But the truth is, I loved that experience.”

Don’t forget race car driver, Rowe. He does that too.