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Tim Allen Continues to Work on His Dream Car

(Photo by FOX Image Collection via Getty Images)

Everyone has a dream in life. And for Tim Allen, it’s to build his dream car.

On February 23, the famous actor and comedian uploaded a nine-minute video to his YouTube Channel. In the video, he takes viewers through the process of building his one-of-a-kind vehicle. Let’s take a look below.

Tim Allen Takes Fans Through the Process of Building His Dream Car

As you watch the video, Allen takes you through each step while he and his partner, Brodie, work. First, he revealed that he finally finished the couplers for the transmission to the motor. “They have to broach it. It’s called broaching,” Allen said in the video. “They have to cut these splines in.”

While Allen is explaining the steps Brodie starts welding the parts together. Then, the two of them explain several other parts needed to build the car.

In the middle of the tutorial, the videographer asked Brodie a few questions regarding the coupler. “So, the coupler itself is not the tool that you’re referring to,” she said. “You’re referring to the tool that makes the coupler.”

Once you get to the end of the video, you’ll see that Brodie and Allen are really making progress. If their hard work keeps up, The Vik (A Tim Allen Build) will be complete in no time.

The Actor Once Revealed That He Owns Every Dream Car He Used to Build Models of

Tim Allen has had a love for cars since his younger days. As a matter of fact, his passion for building cars actually started at an early age. Last year (April 4, 2021), the actor took fans on a tour of his garage.

In the video, Allen shows off several rare models that he owns, such as a 1950 Cadillac. Watch here:

During the garage tour, Allen gives his viewers very detailed explanations of each model. He revealed that he knew nothing about the 1950 Caddy’s engine. So, he had to take a trip down to Orange County to learn a few things from an expert. Apparently, this specific Cadillac carries less weight than the newer ones.

Afterward, he transitions over to the Cadillac Fleetwood BDE. And he said his wife considers this one as the “divorce car.” And he goes on to say that every rich guy had this vehicle back then. The interior is overdone, so he completely redid it by blacking it out. And it looks like he did a great job.

His garage may look full, but he doesn’t plan on stopping this hobby anytime soon. And it’ll be interesting to see how his dream car turns out.