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Tim Allen Posts ‘Last Man Standing’ Release Date Ahead of Final Season

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“Mark your calendars people!” Tim Allen and “Last Man Standing” are back with the Season 9 premiere come January 2021 on FOX.

The man is back! The “Last Man Standing,” that is. Tim Allen just hit Twitter with the official release date for the 9th Season of his hit sitcom on FOX. Sadly, however, this season will be the show’s last.

“Last Man Standing” has been a bona fide hit for FOX, and a smashing success with fans. The show is consistently high in the network’s rankings, and will now finish strong with an impressive 9th season. Tim Allen broke the news today with a snazzy, fish-laden graphic for his followers.

Last Man Standing Returns for Final Season January 3rd

While 2020 has put many shows and films out of commission due to the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic, “Last Man Standing” was able to truck ahead and finish filming Season 9. Allen never lost his sense of humor during the mess of pandemic-laden filming, either.

“So happy to be back working with my TV family on #LastManStanding! I’m beginning to enjoy the daily nose swabs. Should that be concerning?”

Tim Allen, Twitter

Allen is, of course, referring to the COVID-19 nose-swab test. The test – for those unfamiliar – requires a cotton swab to be inserted as far back in your nostril as humanly possible. If you’ve not had it done, consider yourself fortunate. It is…. unpleasant (this author speaks from unfortunate experience).

Fans are, however, beyond ecstatic for another season – and thankful to the cast & crew for working through difficult times. As a result, we’re treated to another – albeit final – season of one of the best shows on television. And the distraction we all need during this tumultuous election.

Allen Returns for ‘Assembly Required’ Following ‘Last Man’

Fans of Tim Allen, however, need not worry over his disappearance. The comedy icon is reuniting Richard Karn and Tim Allen for their own “fix it” show – “Assembly Required” – and we now have a release date for it, too!

“Home Improvement” fans should be thrilled. Tim “the tool man” Allen and ‘Al’ actor Richard Karn are together again. The two-decades-long friends have a new show hitting History Channel next year, as well.

While both stars have shared looks at themselves on set, we’ve yet to have an official release date. That wait, however, is now over.

The two are executive producing a new competition show called “Assembly Required.” According to UPI.com, the show is a competition reality series that will “showcase builders from across the U.S.”

 Home Improvement co-stars Tim Allen and Richard Karn are teaming up again to star in a new competition series on History, titled Assembly Required.

Assembly Required will showcase builders from across the United States as they compete against each other and rebuild everyday household items. Contestants will also be tasked with building the items back better.


“Assembly Required” will hit History Channel this coming February 14th of 2021.

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