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Tim Allen Remembers the ‘Best Weekend Ever’ That Was a Birthday Gift from His Wife

(Photo by Jason LaVeris/Getty Images)

On Wednesday night, Hollywood star Tim Allen posted a memory about the best weekend he ever had, which stemmed from his wife’s birthday present.

The Home Improvement and Last Man Standing actor shared his favorite moment with his more than 600,000 Twitter followers tonight. Everyone knows how big of a gearhead Allen is. In fact, his love for all things with a motor frequently bleeds over into his work on television and in movies. So it’s no surprise that his favorite memory involved a vehicle.

For one of his previous birthdays, Tim Allen’s wife, Jane Hajduk, gifted her husband a weekend in sport bike school. The couple has been married since 2006, and Hajduk clearly knows Allen well. Fans of the Toy Story actor likely think of Allen being obsessed with muscle cars and other classic automobiles. But he took a turn at riding speedbikes on a road course for his birthday, and he couldn’t have had a better time.

Tim Allen posted a photo of himself riding a bright green Kawasaki sport bike while leaning into a hard turn. In his tweet, he called it the “best weekend ever” getting to learn to ride the extremely fast motorcycles. Additionally, Allen said he learned how to deal with certain fears while also learning to utilize “situational awareness.” It sounds like his wife has had a lot to live up to with every birthday gift since his sport bike school present.

Tim Allen Takes Pic Beside Classic Car While Teasing Appearance on ‘Jay Leno’s Garage’

Speaking of Tim Allen’s love for all things automotive, there may be only one other man in Hollywood that rivals his love for cars: Jay Leno. The pair are good friends and both share a mutual appreciation for anything with a motor.

The two men have even supported each other through the years with their different projects. Allen has made numerous appearances on The Tonight Show during the multiple seasons that Leno hosted the late night talk show. Leno himself joined the cast of Last Man Standing as a minor character on Allen’s most recent hit sitcom. In addition, Allen has appeared on the host’s popular car-related web series Jay Leno’s Garage. On Monday, Tim Allen shared a teaser photo of another upcoming appearance on Leno’s car show.

Allen shared a picture of himself and Leno each standing on either side of a classic car. The gorgeous blue Corvette has a pair of red and white racing stripes down the hood, and looks more than ready to burn some rubber. Also worth noting in the background, the two Hollywood stars are standing in front of a U.S. Air Force fighter jet. So we’re sure the two men are in gearhead heaven as they filmed Allen’s new appearance on Jay Leno’s Garage.