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Tom Selleck Once Explained What Was ‘Intimidating’ About Filming Westerns After John Wayne

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Tom Selleck is an icon of both television and film. He has stepped into some of the biggest roles in both realms.

Currently, he’s on Blue Bloods which is one of the most popular cop dramas on the air. Long before that he was the star of Magnum P.I. However, he has also starred in a number of westerns. His rugged good looks and impressive mustache have made him the perfect face of the modern cowboy. He proved that time and time again.

Movies like Quigley Down Under, Shadow Riders, and, Monte Walsh showed that he was more than a strong jaw and a big mustache in a saddle. However, Tom Selleck has always been intimidated by the legacy of John Wayne.

To be fair, the Duke left behind some big boots to fill. Truth be told, no one will ever fill them. He passed away decades ago and is still the man that many people think of when they think of a cowboy. Wayne made some of the most iconic westerns in the history of cinema. True Grit, The Shootist, and Big Jake are all bona fide classics. He casts a big shadow even from the Great Beyond. However, Tom Selleck is one of the few actors who even comes close to filling his boots.

Tom Selleck once discussed why he was intimidated by John Wayne’s legacy in regards to westerns. True West wrote about that conversation in an article earlier this year.

Tom Selleck on John Wayne

While discussing his classic western film Quigley Down Under, Tom Selleck brought up John Wayne and his legacy.

“That would have been a great John Wayne movie,” Selleck said of his 1990 film. He went on to talk briefly about working in the same genre of films as Duke. “When you realize John Wayne could have done a better job,” Tom Selleck said, “It’s a little intimidating.”

Tom Selleck might be intimidated by the legacy of John Wayne but he’s got a little bit of actual cowboy about him. According to a Closer Weekly article from 2018 Selleck and his family live on a ranch in California. The 100+ acre spread helps the Blue Bloods star stay grounded. He said that he works the ranch every day that he isn’t on a movie or television show set. He doesn’t throw his money around and hire out the grunt work, either. Selleck is right there getting his hands dirty and doing what needs to be done.