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‘Big Sky’: Jenny Suggests She’s Leaving Dewell & Hoyt in New Teaser

Photo by: Darko Sikman via Getty Images

Is the iconic crime-fighting duo over on ABC’s “Big Sky” due for a breakup?

Today, September 30, is the season two premiere of the popular drama-filled, death-filled, and suspense-filled Montana-based thriller. The show will center itself around our two favorite ladies — Cassie Dewell (Kylie Bunbury) and Jenny Hoyt (Katheryn Winnick).

Last season, we watched as the two women went from hating each other, to becoming partners-in-crime-solving, to now being friends. In the beginning, the two had a bit of sour history because Cassie was romantically involved with Jenny’s husband. However, Jenny and Cody (Ryan Phillippe) were in the midst of a separation.

The two have come a long way. Together, they have survived bullets, fired bullets, and have gotten to the bottom of some pretty twisted crimes.

Jenny Leaving Dewell & Hoyt

Now, season two might see Jenny leave the detective agency called Dewell & Hoyt.

Not surprisingly, we will see Jenny Hoyt alive in season two. At the end of the first season, she did take a nearly fatal bullet and was rushed into an ambulance. “Big Sky” is willing to kill just about anyone else.

A brand new teaser for the season premiere shows Jenny and Cassie meeting in a bar together. Jenny talks to Cassie about why she may think it’s time for her to leave the detective agency. TV Line has the exclusive first look at that important conversation.

Cassie asks Jenny why she’s deciding to leave the detective agency. Jenny answers simply, “I want to wear the badge again.” For reference, Jenny is an ex-cop. Since then, she has been doing freelance detective work. When Cody was surprisingly shot and killed by Rick Lergarski at the end of the first episode of “Big Sky,” she became the “Hoyt” in Dewell & Hoyt.

Despite potentially losing her partner, Cassie responds with “I just want you to be happy.” Jenny calls herself Jenny 2.0 and believes that getting that badge may make it easier for them to get to the bottom of all the crime and mystery they’ve gotten entangled in.

As for Cassie, however, she doesn’t seem to regret her choice to leave the academy and pursue private investigator work at all. She tells Jenny that she decided to leave when she “realized I was buying into a system that is designed to discriminate against me.”

Questions for ‘Big Sky’ Season Two

This leaves a lot of questions going into the rest of season two. If Jenny leaves the private investigative agency, will the two of them still work together? Will being a cop open more doors for the two to solve these dark and twisted crimes?

As we saw in season one, there’s some shady business going on behind the scenes at the local police offices, as well as in other law enforcement groups. For example, the police helped the Kleinsassers get away with murder, literally. When Jenny and Cassie got too close to it all, they took matters into their own hands.

It’s possible that Jenny could help uncover something evil going on behind it all with the cops interlocked in that drama.

Further, the possibility of Jenny leaving the firm was always a possibility. During conversations with Sheriff Walter Tubb, it seemed like something at the back of Jenny’s mind. Tubb also told her that she would make an excellent sheriff one day and that she should consider it.