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‘Chicago P.D.’ Star Jesse Lee Soffer Explains Why Halstead is ‘Suspicious’ of Upton’s Marriage Proposal

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Ahead of the Season 9 premiere of Chicago P.D., fans are eager to see a resolution to Season 8’s biggest questions. That includes a marriage proposal. Upton extended the proposal to Halstead, however it didn’t go as planned. Halstead was clearly wary of the situation. So, let’s go back with star Jesse Lee Soffer and revisit the proposal.

Jay Halstead, played by Soffer, goes through a mix of emotions when Hailey Upton, played by Tracy Spiridakos proposed to him. Although he loves her, it turns sour quickly. After the proposal, Detective Upton started to act strange and made Halstead a little nervous.

Here is what Jesse Lee Soffer said about the complicated situation when speaking with TVLine.

“Jay has loved Hailey for a long time, and when this happens, he’s a little taken aback, like, ‘Where’s this coming from? This feels a little out of the blue, but OK, great,” Soffer explained. That’s not where things ended though.

“Then his Spidey sense starts to g, and he’s a little suspicious of…she’s acting strange.” One of the most comforting things after being proposed to is your partner immediately acting differently. Soffer breaks down the mood and feelings after the proposal. Also, he tells what the suspicious Halstead might have to do.

“There’s some heaviness, and he might have to do some snooping around to get to the bottom of what’s going on and figure out whether or not this was motivated by genuine feelings or by something else.”

Let’s just hope that he doesn’t have to take drastic measures. The new season of Chicago P.D. is almost here.

Writers Drive ‘Chicago P.D.’ Success and Development

While great actors can help make a show itself great, it also needs great writers. It takes a full team in order to put together a long-running series. With Dick Wolf behind things, it is bound to be good, but there is a group of writers that help push the show forward week in and out.

Chicago P.D. star Jason Beghe says that he has quite a relationship with the writers on the show. Between the actors on the show and the writers, there is a team effort on the show. That is evident from comments that Beghe told TV Meg not long ago.

“We have a very collaborative environment. Particularly with Ricky running the show,” Beghe said of Rick Eid and the writers’ room. When there are strong ties between the different groups working on the show, it can lead to great results. Going into the 9th season and already signed up for a 10th, the proof is in the pudding.

Chicago P.D. has brought the drama and action for 8 seasons. Heading into the new season there is going to be more drama and a lot of great storylines. Get ready for the action this fall.