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Daniel Craig Says He’ll Be Jealous of the Next James Bond, Says It’s ‘Very Emotional’

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During an interview with the Graham Norton Show, Daniel Craig said an emotional goodbye to 007. The actor just filmed his final portrayal of James Bond. And the movie is set to drop on October 8th. Craig admitted that playing the part was “the biggest thing in his professional career.” And when someone new steps into the shoes of the iconic secret service agent, Craig will “probably be incredibly bitter.”

Daniel Craig sat down with Léa Seydoux, Rami Malek, and Lashana Lynchon the talk about their upcoming Bond installment, No Time To Die. And during the interview, Craig revealed that he has bittersweet feelings about walking away from the franchise.

“Bond films don’t get made very often so to have this opportunity has been the biggest thing in my professional career obviously, but also one of the biggest things my life, so it is very emotional,” he said.

“I am glad I am ending it on my terms—I am grateful to the producers for allowing me to do that—but I will miss it.”

The Knives Out star said that he thought Spectre would be his last 007 film. And when production wrapped up in 2015, he “felt down.” So he’s grateful he got to come back for an encore.

No Time To Die follows James Bond after he gave up his secret agent status to live a simple, safe life in Jamaica with Madeleine. But Bond’s old chum Felix Leiter foils Bond’s retirement when he shows up looking for help.

Craig said that the film picks up where Spectre left off. And “as usual, the s**t hits the fan!” But he wasn’t willing to give any plot teasers.

‘We haven’t shown it to anyone,” Craig admitted. “But we are confident it is very good, and we want people to experience it in the cinema. There’s a lot going on in the movie, but I don’t want to give anything away. 

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James Bond started as a TV series in 1954. And it grew into one of the most iconic film franchises in history. Daniele Craig followed in the footsteps of Pierce Brosnan when he became the 8th actor to play the smooth-talking agent. He first joined the list in 2006 when he starred in Casino Royale. Craig went on to film four out of the 25 total bond movies.

While Craig knows it’s time to say goodbye, he still has mixed feelings about moving on with his career. And when the franchise unveils the next lucky actor who will play James Bond, Craig will feel a little—or a lot—jealous. Or, as he put it, “I will probably be incredibly bitter when the new person takes over!”