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‘Home Improvement’ Star Richard Karn Celebrates ‘National Sons Day’ With Heartwarming Family Pics

(Photo by Lester Cohen/WireImage)

Home Improvement star Richard Karn took to his Twitter account on Tuesday (September 28th) to celebrate ‘National Sons Day’ with some heartwarming family pictures.

#nationalsonsday… I love you buddy,” the Home Improvement star stated in the post.

The Home Improvement castmate notably married actress Tudi Roche in 1985. The couple has a son named Cooper. Karn’s son is also an actor and was even in the 1996 episode of Home Improvement “I Was a Teenage Taylor.”

Richard Karn and Tim Allen Are All In For A ‘Home Improvement’ Reboot

During a February 2021 interview with Today, Home Improvement stars Richard Karn and Tim Allen sat down and shared their thoughts about a potential reboot of the hit sitcom. “We’ve talked about it before, and the relationship with studios and creates and networks gets very complicated,” Allen stated. 

Allen then said he would love to see where the Home Improvement characters Al and Tim are in life. As well as where “Tool Time” is. “Have the boys all grown up with kids. I think it’s a great idea.”

Karn also expressed his interest in a reboot of Home Improvement by simply stating, “Absolutely.” 

Home Improvement was on the air from 1991 to 1999. The show had a total of 204 half-hour episodes and 8 seasons. Starring alongside Allen and Karn in the series was Patricia Richardson, Earl Hindman, Taran Noah Smith, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, and Zachery Ty Bryan. 

Allen & Karn Reunite for ‘Assembly Required’

Luckily for Home Improvement fans, the duo has teamed up once again for their reality competition series Assembly Required on the History Channel.

As previously reported, Assembly Required showcases some of the best builders across the nation. Each of the show’s episodes has competitors seeking to fix everyday household items. This means not only rebuilding the items but building them better. Also during each episode, Allen and Karn dive into the unique history around these items to celebrate the men and women who crafted them, and the techniques used.

During a recent interview with The Wrap, Allen shared what really made him hesitate when asked to join Assembly Required. “My only hesitation was I didn’t want to embarrass myself.”

Karn also stated that he and Home Improvement co-star don’t like to ask questions that they each don’t know the answer to. “Things break around the house and sometimes you don’t want to throw it away because it might be just a little, tiny thing that will fix it and it’ll work perfectly instead of going into a trash heap. We’ve all had forms of this kind of a show in our heads, but Tim was able to bring it to fruition.”

The History Channel is yet to confirm if Assembly Required is returning for a second season.