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‘Law & Order: SVU’ Fans Sound Off on Newest Detective ‘Making Quite the Impression’

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Law & Order: SVU fans are sounding off on a new detective making a serious impression, but it’s not necessarily a positive one. The clip shows the new guy trying to show off his investigative skills but clearly, Benson isn’t a fan.

“This detective is already making quite the impression,” the account for the show wrote. You can catch the clip below.

Some fans are worried that the addition of the new detective will get in between Rollins and Carisi. Meanwhile, others aren’t liking the newest cast switch up.

“As long as nothing comes between Rollins and Carisi,” one fan wrote. Rollins and Carisi finally got together, and people are hoping no new people are going to complicate their relationship.

Others, however, really aren’t feeling the change in cast after Kat and Garland left the show.

“I wish y’all could keep a steady cast again for a while,” one fan wrote. Another fan echoed that sentiment.

“Upset over Garland and Kat loved the characters and brought some good diversity,” they commented.

“He is definitely good-looking, and he seems nice but I liked Kat more,” another person said.

And finally, on a plot note, fans are hesitant to trust the new guy. He’s a direct appointment from Mcgrath, who the characters will have to report directly to now that Garland is gone.

“I don’t trust him at all, if he was handpicked by McGrath I don’t like this,” a fan wrote.

Actress Jamie Gray Hyder Implied that Her ‘Law & Order: SVU’ Exit was Not Her Choice

The season premiere said goodbye to Kat and Garland, who both left the unit by the end of the episode. The two characters were introduced into the series recently, and fans were just starting to get to know them even better. Now, fans once again have to deal with cast turnover.

Further adding to the frustration of fans, actress Jamie Gray Hyder announced that Kat’s exit from the series was not in her control.

“It’s with a heavy heart that I confirm Kat’s departure from the squad room. The decision was made above my paygrade, and wouldn’t have been my choice, but hey – That’s showbiz for ya,” the actress wrote regarding the news of her departure.

No matter how cool the new guy turns out to be, it’s going to be hard for fans to recover from losing Kat. Hopefully, as the season continues, it’ll become easier to adjust to the new cast.

There’s still a lot worth seeing this season, however. If you want to tune in to Law & Order: SVU, you can catch new episodes on Thursday nights. This week, the show begins at 8/7 central.