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‘My Name Is Earl’ Star Jason Lee Says Fans Blame Him For Series Cancellation

(Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images)

It’s been 13 years since My Name is Earl went off the air, but fans are still upset about the beloved TV show’s cancellation. And, as most are unsure who deserves the blame for the abrupt cancellation of the series, they lodge their complaints with the only person they can think of – My Name is Earl‘s leading actor, Jason Lee.

In an interview on The Nine Club podcast, Jason Lee talked about fans’ misplaced anger in the series’ cancellation. “There’s probably not four days that goes by without somebody messaging me on Instagram, like, ‘What happened to Earl?’ Lee said. “Or some people thinking it’s my fault, like, ‘Dude, you left us stranded. What the hell?’ I’m like, ‘I’m not NBC. I didn’t cancel the show, man. It was out of my hands.'”

Not only did Jason Lee not want or expect the cancellation of My Name is Earl, he also found the show’s sudden end (on a cliffhanger, no less) “really devastating.” That said, Lee revealed that My Name is Earl creator, Greg Garcia, handled the situation as best he could.

“But Greg Garcia, the creator of the show, he’s still my friend,” Lee said. “What he did with that show is incredible. He showed up on set one day and said, ‘Hey, I have bad news, guys. It looks like we’re getting canceled.’ So like, ‘Clean out your lockers’ kind of vibe, and we’re out of here.”

‘My Name Is Earl’ Showrunner Describes Planned End to Series

In an effort to give My Name is Earl fans a glimmer of closure, Greg Garcia included a reference to the show in his new project, Raising Hope. In the pilot episode of the show, there’s a news broadcast playing in the background, describing a small-time crook who had finally finished his list of amends.

However, Garcia later revealed that this wasn’t the planned ending of My Name is Earl. Rather than Earl completing his list, Greg Garcia wanted Earl to get stuck on a particularly tough item.

As he struggled to complete it, a fellow former wrongdoer would approach him with their own list. Earl would learn that his positive actions not only had an impact on those directly affected by them but inspired others to take positive actions of their own. With that knowledge, Earl would tear up his own list, feeling satisfied with the karmic balance.

Sadly, we’ll likely never see the final season of My Name is Earl. Though Greg Garcia expressed a desire for a network or streaming service to pick up the show a few years ago, he seems to have lost hope. The My Name is Earl creator explained in a recent social media post, “I miss Earl too but just don’t think more of them is in the cards.”