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‘NCIS’ Star Brian Dietzen Is Ready To Do All He Can ‘To Find Gibbs’ As He Readies for Season Premiere

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We are just one day away from the long-awaited season 19 premiere of CBS‘s hit show, “NCIS.” While fans have waited all summer for the conclusion of the season 18 finale, it appears we aren’t the only ones amped up for the all-new season premiere. In his most recent tweet, Dr. Jimmy Palmer actor, Brian Dietzen, highlighted his own excitement for the new season. In regards to the premiere, Dietzen writes, “we’re gonna do everything we can to #FindGibbs.”

The conclusion of season 18 saw “NCIS” patriarch Special Agent Gibbs thrown into a lake following a boat explosion. Since, fans have deliberated the agent’s whereabouts. They’ve also remained concerned about his condition, and, most importantly, how much of the character we’ll actually see this season. Regardless, Outsiders are ecstatic for the return of beloved medical examiner Jimmy Palmer to “NCIS.”

In his tweet, Dietzen included a brief peek into, presumably, one of his scenes from the premiere episode. Throughout, he discusses potential Gibbs locations. In addition, Palmer also touches on the connection between the boat explosion and the body on his table. Meanwhile, Special Agent McGee says, “Jimmy, let’s focus on what we know.”

This suggests there is little concerning Gibbs’ current situation that the team does know.

From there, we get a little tiny bit of insight as to what to expect from the body’s discovery. To kick off the new season of “NCIS,” fans apparently follow the investigation of a “mystery body” found in the lake where Gibbs’ boat blew up.

Additionally, Dietzen’s post provided a reminder for the “NCIS” season 19 premiere (taking place at 9 p.m.). He further encouraged fans to follow @CBS for fun, NCIS-related stuff throughout the course of the day Monday.

‘NCIS’ Promises ‘Fully Unchained’ Gibbs

Per Brian Dietzen, the search for Gibbs is immediately underway pending the premiere of “NCIS” Season 19. With search teams already employed, hopefully, “NCIS” team members and fans alike soon learn Gibbs’ whereabouts in addition to his condition following the insane explosion during the season 18 finale.

Regardless, knowing Gibbs, he won’t easily frighten and he’s not easily deterred from a mission either. Therefore, considering his suspension from “NCIS” during season 18 and his lack of access to various databases, it appears the special agent might pursue his investigation in ways he’s previously been unable.

Concerning Gibbs’ involvement in the new season, showrunner Steven D. Binder shared, “[Gibbs has] been dangerous.” However, without the order of “NCIS,” Binder further said the character’s dangerousness is “going to be the subject of all the stories. Gibbs is going to be fully unchained.”

While for Gibbs, the fact allows him to pursue his investigation in ways previously impossible, it poses an incredible threat to his prey, as well as any agencies and individuals that attempt to block his path.

Additionally, Binder revealed that the search for Gibbs occupies much of the “NCIS” plot for the first four episodes of season 19. From there, we’re unsure what to expect. However, with an “unleashed Gibbs” the new season promises an onslaught of new storylines in addition to new character additions.