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‘NCIS’ Stars Wilmer Valderrama, Sean Murray, Katrina Law and More Come Together for Fun ‘Wide Range’ Photo

(Photo by Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for L.A. Love's Alex's Lemonade)

Members of the NCIS team shared a unique “wide range of emojis” in a Twitter pic Tuesday morning.

This hilarious photo was posted by the NCIS Twitter account on Tuesday morning. The pic dropped not long after the much-anticipated Monday night premiere of NCIS’s nineteenth season.

Clearly, the NCIS actors are having a ball showing off their individual “wide-range” acting skills – via the unique emoji style, of course.

‘NCIS’s’ Wide-Range of Emoji Characters

The first emoji featured in the NCIS Twitter page’s message is an upside-down smiley face; the second emoji featured in the post is the side-eye look…with a little hint of a smile. The next three emojis featured in the post are a regular happy-go-lucky smiley face; a “shhh” emoji, and a thinking face.

Finally, the Tuesday morning Twitter post includes the favorite inquisitive smiley emoji – one eyebrow raised – and lastly, an emoji of a flashing camera.

Part of the fun of this hilarious pic? Trying to pull a little NCIS detective work off on our own, and also figuring out which NCIS player is posing as which emoji. Trying to decipher which emojis some of the NCIS cast members are representing in the pic isn’t a super easy task.

Playing ‘Who’s Who’ – Emoji Style

Katrina Law’s pose is easy.

The Jessica Knight actress is clearly posing with the thinking emoji face…she’s the only one with her hand on her chin aside from Brian Dietzen’s “shhh” pose.

However, Gary Cole’s emoji face isn’t so easy to decipher. It’s definitely one of three options.

The first being the upside-down smiley. Because let’s be real…this pose would be hard to make while truly being upside-down…it’s really a pose that you gotta wing. The other options would be the inquisitive one-eyebrow-up look or a side-eye emoji.

Maybe the Alden Park actor is going for a sort of side-eye emoji pose. It looks like Sean Murray has nailed the one eyebrow inquisitive emoji pose. And, Cole does seem to be tossing the camera a bit of a side look…

So, this leaves NCIS Special Agent Nick Torres actor Wilmer Valderama with either the regular smiley emoji; or the “live version” of the upside-down smiley face; while NCIS’s Kassie Hines actress Diona Reasonover represents the other smiley option.