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‘NCIS’ Wishes New Recruit Katrina Law the ‘Happiest of Birthdays’

(Photo by Amanda Edwards/Getty Images)

It’s Katrina Law’s birthday! The NCIS rookie turns 36 today, and the official NCIS Twitter page gave her a shoutout.

“Happiest of Birthdays to the one and only, @KatrinaLaw.” She just joined the team and already she’s the “one and only,” that’s got to be high praise. Not only as an actor, but just as a person, as well.

But it’s true, Katrina Law is extremely talented; I remember watching her when she was on Spartacus, which is a show not enough people seem to know about, and thinking she was just amazing. Now she’s on the number 1 drama in the world; it’s like watching your kid neighbor grow up and become the president.

Jessica Knight Will ‘Butt Heads’ on ‘NCIS’

Before the premiere of season 19, way back on Sept. 20, Katrina Law, Wilmer Valderamma, and Sean Murray went on The Talk to discuss their characters and their hopes for the new season.

Katrina Law said her character, Jessica Knight, was going to “butt heads” with some on the team. She’ll also really struggle to find her footing at first. “You’re going to see Jessica Knight come in and she’s going to struggle a little bit trying to figure out how to step in with the team,” said Law, “because she is an experienced agent and she has had her own history outside of the team.”

Law went on to say, “At the end of the day she really wants to contribute and fit in as much as she can but she might struggle a little bit.” New jobs are hard, but Jessica Knight’s new job seems extra difficult; a new team, after just losing her entire old one on top of that. It’s no wonder she struggled.

When Katrina Law first debuted on NCIS, in the last two episodes of season 18, fans took to her warmly. One fan wrote on Twitter, “I hope to see Jessica Knight join our #NCIS family on a weekly basis.” Wishes granted.

So far, the praise has continued to roll in for Katrina Law’s character as she becomes a season 19 regular. Where will she go from here? With Gibbs back (at least for now), potential speculation of her taking over the team has cooled. There’s also rumors that she’s taking over Ellie Bishop’s role with Emily Wickersham off the show. She’s probably not an exact replacement for Bishop, but Katrina Law is sure taking up that extra screen time left over.

Catch Katrina Law and the whole gang on NCIS Monday nights at 9/8c on CBS, followed by NCIS: Hawaii at 10.