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‘The Voice’ Blind Auditions: Team Kelly’s New Member ‘Absolutely Belongs’ on Her Squad

Photo by: Amy Sussman/BBMA2020/Getty Images for dcp

We may only be a few episodes into the newest season of “The Voice,” but it seems like the pieces are falling into the puzzle accordingly.

This season, Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, and newcomer Ariana Grande have set up shop in their very own red, swiveling chair. Each has their back to contestants as they perform during the Blind Audition segment of the show.

For Kelly Clarkson, although she couldn’t see them at first, it was love at first note during one contestant’s performance.

Carolina Alonso showed up to “The Voice” with a beautiful rendition of “El Triste,” originally performed by José José. As soon as she starts singing, the camera eventually pans to Kelly Clarkson. Her jaw is literally dropped, mouth wide open, as she looks around at the audience in pure happy shock.

You can even hear her quietly say, “I love this.” Not long after the beat drops, Clarkson turns her chair around signaling she wants Alonso on her team. Clarkson also excitedly freaks out at the end of the performance when she’s the only coach that has turned around. She screams out, “I’m so happy. I was so nervous they were going to push their button.”

Both Legend and Grande chimed in to compliment the artist and point out a few helpful critiques. They also both agreed that Clarkson would be the perfect coach for her. The official “The Voice” Twitter account even shared her audition and wrote, “She absolutely belongs on “TeamKelly.”

Hilarious Banter on ‘The Voice’

When it comes to watching “The Voice,” you come for the amazing Blind Auditions, and you stay for the hilarious banter between the four coaches.

Most of the time, it’s Blake Shelton, who has been a coach since the first season of the singing competition, that’s at the center of some healthy bickering. Only two episodes in and Clarkson and Shelton were going at it trying to win over a singer. Lana Scott performed a rendition of Kelsea Ballerini’s “Hole in the Bottle.”

She also unleashed a battle between the two coaches. They argued about who knows more about country music, who knows Ballerini better, who has won “The Voice” the most, and who has the best gifts for their artists.

Meanwhile, both Grande and Legend were stuck in the middle of the bickering. Eventually, Ariana Grande asked John Legend if he wanted to grab a snack with her. The two walked off the set and are later shown snacking on some popcorn.

It was a beyond entertaining bickering session, but an exhausting moment for Legend and Grande. Those two aren’t entirely drama-free either, however. Ariana Grande used her button to play a snippet of her song “Thank U, Next” while Legend was talking to a contestant.

Grande then pretended to look around as if she didn’t know who was responsible. Given we’re only a few days in, “The Voice” is already looking to have an entertaining season ahead.