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‘Wicked Tuna’ Captain Dave Marciano Revealed What Keeps Him Motivated to Keep Fishing

(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

Dave Marciano, one of the captains on “Wicked Tuna,” is quite clear about what keeps him motivated to head out and catch those bluefin tuna.

Marciano talked about his specific motivation in an interview with Yahoo!

“For me, fishing is a passion,” he said. “I’ve always had a passion, I just took to the water as a kid.

“Some of the stuff that’s really cool to share on the show is stuff I take for granted,” Marciano said. “I’ve probably seen 10,000 pretty epic sunrises and sunsets. That’s part of my working day.”

‘Wicked Tuna’ Captain Takes His ‘Hard Merchandise’ Boat Out To Catch Bluefin Tuna

“Wicked Tuna” puts Marciano and other captains in the spotlight on the National Geographic Channel. Marciano oversees the “Hard Merchandise” fishing boat. He’s one of nine captains who have their boats out in the Atlantic Ocean, busy getting their fill of tuna.

So, who won the 10th season as far as total catches are concerned? Marciano finished second on “Wicked Tuna” while Paul Hebert and his “Wicked Pissah” took home the victory with 15 fish caught for $53,303 in earnings. Marciano collected 14 fish for $48,541.’Wicked Tuna’

Marciano did take home top prize in the show’s fourth season in 2015.

Captain Dave Carraro has the most first-place finishes on the series in five aboard his “FT-Tuna.com” boat.

TV Show Also Has Spinoff In ‘Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks’ Airing As Well

“Wicked Tuna” has a spinoff, “Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks,” that also airs on the National Geographic Channel. Fishermen and their boats go out along North Carolina’s Outer Banks and look to collect fish out in that region.

Obviously, all of the “Wicked Tuna” action takes place off of Gloucester, Mass.

There is a lot of competition among other fishermen.

Marciano knows that he faces both solid friends but also some enemies while out in the bluefin tuna territory. He did say in the Yahoo! interview that hundreds of boats do take part in the bluefin tuna fishery.

Marciano adds that it is “pretty cutthroat because these fish are worth a lot of money.”

The captain also said that he has a tight circle of friends he works with as part of the industry. Marciano said most of those involved are like him in that they are full-time commercial fishermen.

Another piece for him to discern is how the show presents him in the different episodes.

“It’s definitely been an interesting process, learning to get along with these guys,” Marciano said. “Mostly it’s portrayed me, fairly accurately, that I like to do my own thing and stay out of the messes.”

Marciano also added that he had no clue how things worked out on those other boats.