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‘1883’ Star Eric Nelsen Discussed Being Nervous Asking Tom Hanks for a Photo

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Shortly before the holidays, Yellowstone fans were excited when the creator of the massively popular Paramount + series, Taylor Sheridan, released the long-awaited prequel series, 1883. This series has quickly become a fan favorite. Telling the story of the Dutton family and the journey they faced when traveling west.

From the jump, fans learned that some big names would be taking part in the much-anticipated series. Big names such as country music superstars, and real-life couple Faith Hill and Tim McGraw. However, what fans weren’t expecting as the series premiered in December were some awesome cameos included in 1883’s premiere season; primarily that of longtime actor and iconic movie star, Tom Hanks.

Now, fans were certainly excited when this familiar face showed up on the screen during the second episode of the Yellowstone spin-off series. And, it seems the actors felt the same while filming the episode. Even actors can be star-struck by actors such as Hanks. And, as 1883‘s Ennis, Eric Nelsen says, it’s hard not to feel a little intimidated when they show up on the set.

Even the Stars Can Feel Star-Struck

“I was so nervous to even ask [Tom Hanks, who makes an appearance in the second episode of the show] for a photo because I’m such a mega fan,” Eric Nelsen remembers of his encounter with Hanks on the 1883 set. Nelsen adds that the friendship he had formed with another major star helped him work up the courage to approach the Hollywood icon.

“Tim McGraw and I, we’ve become close friends, and he’s had my back throughout all this,” says Nelsen.

“So I went to Tim and I’m like, “Hey man, we’re friends, you can tell me the truth. Is he approachable? I want to talk to him before filming starts. I’m just so excited,'” the actor continues.

“He goes, “Oh, he’s the nicest guy ever, of course,” Nelsen says. “I think Tim actually took that photo of us.”

Tom Hanks Leaves A Lasting Impression on ‘1883’

As Nelsen recalls this story during a discussion with Town & Country, he notes that the photo he ended up getting with Hanks on the 1883 set is something he will always cherish.

“It’s one I’m going to treasure for a long time,” Nelsen says. “Just because, as I said, I truly don’t think I’ve seen a single movie of his I haven’t loved.”

“Which is rare to say about actors,” the actor adds. “But I truly believe that’s the case for Tom.”

Tom Hanks surprised 1883 fans when he appeared in the second episode of the brand new Yellowstone spinoff. The December 19 installation of the western series features the prolific movie star as he portrays Union soldier General George Meade. Hank’s General Meade consoles Tim McGraw’s James Dutton in a Civil War flashback.