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‘1883’ Fans Are Furious There’s No New Episode Today

Pictured: Tim McGraw as James and Audie Rick as John of the Paramount+ original series 1883. Photo Cr: Emerson Miller/Paramount+ © 2022 MTV Entertainment Studios. All Rights Reserved.

Episode 5 of “1883” left fans heartbroken and wondering what would happen to Elsa Dutton after her soon-to-be husband Ennis died. But now, fans won’t find out for another week.

Two weeks will have passed between Episode 5 and 6 of “1883” at this point. And fans are not happy. Several of them took to social media to express their dismay when they didn’t see a new episode on Paramount Plus this morning. The streaming service usually releases episodes at 3 a.m. EST (12 a.m. PST), so fans can watch it as early in the day as they want.

“No new episode of 1883. Sunday ruined,” one fan posted on Twitter. “I’m so sad there isn’t an 1883 episode this week,” another person wrote on their page.

The show itself announced the new episode would drop on Jan. 30 on their own official Twitter page. “1883” fans quickly took to the comments with their complaints about the streaming service.

“Someone needs to explain the ‘let’s take a week off’ philosophy when it’s a streaming service,” one person said.

“WHY DO YOU DO THISSSS???? I’ve been waiting all week to check in on Elsa and now you’re telling me I gotta wait ANOTHER FULL week??” another distraught fan commented.

“What is the point of having this on a streamer, if you’re going to release it like it’s on broadcast??” another person pointed out.

This is a fair point, but it likely has to do with filming. LaMonica Garrett recently confirmed that they just wrapped “1883” filming. There’s post-production work to finish too, so we could easily see more delays between episodes. The pandemic makes filming conditions more difficult, which is why we might see more hiatuses in the future, even for a streaming service.

Is Elsa Dutton Going to Be Pregnant on ‘1883?’

Last episode, “1883” fans heard a lot of discussion about Elsa potentially being pregnant after she and Ennis consummated their love. Margaret Dutton told Elsa in no uncertain terms that she would not help her teenage daughter raise the child. It was Elsa’s responsibility, just like it was her choice to be intimate with Ennis.

Ennis promises to help Elsa if there is a child, before his untimely death. But now fans are wondering: Is she actually pregnant?

There’s a chance she is. Newsweek proposed a theory about it earlier. They want fans to remember a flashback from “Yellowstone,” not “1883.” In the flashback, we see John Dutton Sr., who’s a child during the prequel series. In the flashback, he’s 10 years older, probably around 15 years old. But we see another child with John named Spencer.

Spencer could easily be Margaret and James Duttons’ second son. But what if he’s actually Elsa’s child? She could give birth to him on the journey, die unexpectedly, and then James and Margaret would step in to raise him as their own. What do you think of this theory, “1883” fans?