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‘1883’: How Tim McGraw Was Responsible for Tom Hanks’ Cameo

(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

If you know anything about the relationship between Tom Hanks and Tim McGraw, you’ll know the two icons have been family friends for a long time. So when the idea was floating around to have Hanks appear in a cameo on “1883,” McGraw was more than happy to ask him.

And though Hanks’ scene was very small, it was incredibly impactful. He plays the Civil War General George Meade. And as he approaches James Dutton (McGraw) who’s overlooking a gruesome scene of dead soldiers, Hanks’ character sits beside the man and simply says, “Captain.” To this, James turns with a look of despair as the two take in the scene. “I know,” Hanks says as he nods his head.

While the moment is brief, McGraw says it was one of those times that just made a lasting impact on him. And it’s no wonder. There’s not a movie that Hanks is a part of that turns out bad (in my humble opinion). He’s additionally won an Oscar twice – one for “Philadelphia” and one for “Forrest Gump.” He’s also been nominated for several other Academy Awards along the way.

So McGraw says it was thrilling when the actor said yes to appearing in a scene on “1883.”

Tim McGraw Praises Tom Hanks in “1883”

“It was pretty spectacular for Tom Hanks to show up and do the scene,” McGraw said speaking with his label, Big Machine Label Group. “We’ve been friends for such a long time. We’re family friends forever. Our kids are friends, Faith and Rita are best friends, and so to ask him to do this scene and he says, ‘Sure, I’ll be there. Tell me when,’ was just so incredible.”

Further, Hanks isn’t the only A-lister to guest star in a role on Taylor Sheridan’s “Yellowstone” prequel. Billy Bob Thornton is excellent as the Fort Worth sheriff who doesn’t play games. He’s absolutely phenomenal in the role, which appears to be a creation specifically for him by the way.

And beyond that, Rita Wilson, Hanks’ wife is also a part of the upcoming plot in a scene she shares with Faith Hill who plays Margaret Dutton.

But to Tim McGraw, having Hanks come on board the project was extra special because the scene meant so much to him.

“No matter how good of friends you are and how well you know someone, when you’re sitting there in a scene that’s that emotional and you see Tom Hanks walk up in a Union uniform, and look at you and say, ‘Captain.’ And then he just sat beside me and he puts his hand on my shoulder and he goes, ‘I know.’ I just fell apart,” McGraw confesses. “That’s somebody that knows what they’re doin’. He was just really good.”