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‘1883’: Rita Wilson Shares New Look at Her Character in Photo With Faith Hill

(Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images)

Actress Rita Wilson will be appearing in 1883 but what does her character look like? She shared another new picture on Sunday that clears it up.

And, hey, in this picture she shares time in front of the camera with Margaret Dutton herself, Faith Hill.

Rita Wilson even shares the time/date information for all of her fans. Of course, Wilson and Hill also have famous husbands too. Wilson is married to Tom Hanks, who has a cameo appearance in 1883; Hill is married to co-star Tim McGraw.

‘1883’ Fans, Along With Those of Rita Wilson, Share There Good Thoughts

We don’t need to add the info about the episode. But you can watch it on Paramount Plus. Yes, you will need to have a subscription to the streaming platform in order to see it.

As you might know, 1883 is actually the prequel to Yellowstone. Hill and McGraw play Margaret and James Dutton, who are making their way across the Great Plains and headed for the American West. This gives loyal viewers of Yellowstone a lot more backstory when it comes to the Dutton family.

Fans, of course, offered their comments after seeing this picture of both Wilson and Hill. Let’s see what some of them said.

Among the thoughts shared were: “Can’t wait to see you Rita!! We’re loving the show, and Tim and Faith”; “Can’t wait!! We love this series!!!”; “Congratulations Rita! Dream come true job with a Friend”; and “I can’t wait.”

Those who watch 1883 faithfully would tend to agree with these sentiments. After all, they make sure to keep tabs on what is happening with these Duttons, too. Other cast members include Sam Elliott, LaMonica Garrett, and Billy Bob Thornton.

Tim McGraw Had A Hand In Getting Cameo Appearance For Friend Hanks

As we mentioned, Tom Hanks had a cameo appearance on 1883. He would end up being in a scene with Tim McGraw but how did that work out?

OK, so there is a friendship over years between Tom Hanks and McGraw. There was an idea for this cameo and McGraw just asked his friend about it.

Hanks’ scene was small but those who have seen it would say that it was incredibly impactful. Hanks is Civil War General George Meade. So, Meade approaches Dutton who’s overlooking dead soldiers. Meade sits by Dutton and says, “Captain.” James turns and looks on in despair. “I know,” Hanks says as he nods his head.

While the moment is brief, McGraw says it was one of those times that just made a lasting impact on him. And it’s no wonder.