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‘1883’: Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s Daughter Writes Touching Tribute on Premiere Day

(Photo by Bruce Glikas/WireImage)

The highly anticipated Yellowstone prequel series, 1883, premieres on Paramount+ today. Among the star-studded cast is Tim McGraw and his wife Faith Hill, both of whom have been vocal about loving their time on the project. The pair even spent their 25th wedding anniversary on set and said they wouldn’t have it any other way. Their daughters flew out to be on location with them on that special day.

Now, the couple’s daughter Audrey McGraw has some heartfelt words for her parents on premiere day. The 20-year-old shared a touching tribute on Instagram Sunday morning. The post shows a photo of a note, written on the cover page of a book titled “Beautiful Ruins.” The post caption reads, 

“Last night before bed I scanned over my bookshelf to find a new read. I saw a book called Beautiful Ruins. I had no idea what it was about, but chose it out of curiosity. When I opened the book, this little note from dad laid on the first page.”

She continued, “Finished this book while sitting in the living room. The girls are going through their exams right now (Maggie 9th, Gracie 10th, Audrey 5th grade). They have worked really hard studying this week (especially Gracie). I love them all so much. We went to sweet Cece’s after dinner as a treat.’

Though his words may have nothing to do with the book. They made me so excited to read it. And it’s proven to be a very good read so far. Not only did I go into this book unknowingly, but I started with a lightness that has pulled me in due to my dad’s sweet proudness, it made me think of how proud I am of my parents. And I started this book on the Eve of the 1883 premiere. Something they have worked tirelessly and so hard on. I am so proud of them and their strength. And so excited to finally watch the show! To everyone who worked on this series. And to beautiful ruins. With loads of love and happy holidays.”

One commenter had similar heartfelt sentiments in a comment liked by Audrey. Instagram user stevensoncydne comments, “So beautiful. Your parents are amazing. The way they express their love for each of you girls, and for one another, is a rarity these days. All of you share a special bond with one another that is so evident. Not one of you are afraid to express your feelings, or to be your true self. This comes from the guidance and love from your parents.”

The user continues, “They show us what true parenting is all about, in so many ways. It always brings tears to my eyes, and a warmth to my heart when they talk about you girls. This little note you unexpectedly found is a precious memory to last a lifetime. What a loving note from your Dad. Continue to enjoy every moment with your family. That’s what life is all about, Family. <3 PS–I am so excited to watch the show. I know it will be awesome!!”

You can watch the highly anticipated 1883 now on Paramount+!