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Did ‘Yellowstone’s Kelsey Asbille Just Drop a Monica Dutton Spoiler for Season 5?

(Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images)

Kelsey Asbille was among the Yellowstone cast that sat for a lengthy interview about the show with THR. During the conversation, Asbille may have given a peek at what’s to come for Monica Dutton.

The reveal began as Luke Grimes was asked about how people began acting differently around him when he was spotted in public, specifically as the show has caught on more.

“I will say–like Cole [Hauser] was saying–since the very beginning, it happened,” he began. “When [people] liked it, they really liked it. It’s so nice because you can tell they really are fans. It’s not like, ‘Oh, I’ve seen that guy on TV.’ They love the show. And now it’s just more often. Way more often. I could definitely feel a big shift between season three and four. You know, airports are weird now. Most restaurants are weird now.”

The comment made Asbille laugh and she joined in. A fan asked for a photo while Grimes and Asbille were in public together, and it wasn’t the best time.

“I was in my, uh, well, no spoilers,” she began. “But I was unfit to be in a picture I’ll say. From season five. But, you know, you take pictures anyway. Because you’re really…you feel a certain level of gratitude that people have chosen to watch you in their homes and be so invested in these characters.

Asbille was referencing some sort of makeup that she was in at the time. Kelly Reilly almost gave up a spoiler in another recent interview.

Kevin Costner Out and About

Kevin Costner was also asked about how he is treated in public. While he’s certainly the most high-profile member of the cast and would garner attention anywhere, he did say that the reaction from fans has changed a little. Costner shared a heartwarming story about his father, though. Things certainly changed for his dad when the show became extremely popular. His father recently passed away, but he got a taste of how much fans cared about the show.

What We Know About ‘Yellowstone’ Season 5

There has been a lot of news rolling out about the fifth season of Paramount’s Yellowstone. We know there will be 14 episodes, which is significantly longer than prior seasons. We know that it’s set to debut on November 13. And we know that Kevin Costner says “the foot is on the gas” on set. Production is happening now.

There will be more flashbacks. A few recurring characters were promoted to series regulars. And there will be a few brand new characters, including country music star Lainey Wilson who will portray a musician named “Abby.” Outsider breaks it down a little more for you here.