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John Dutton Family Tree: Who is James Dutton to John Dutton, Other Connections

Dutton Family Tree by Outsider.com, all rights reserved

Join Outsider as we piece together the Dutton Family Tree, from 1883‘s James Dutton all the way down to the dynasty of Yellowstone‘s John Dutton. But first, be warned of considerable spoilers for both shows ahead.

Who is James Dutton to John Dutton? Now that 1883 has wrapped, Yellowstone fans are more curious than ever to pin down this fascinating lineage. And we’ve done exactly that for you below with a full John Dutton Family Tree.

Below, we’ve gathered every detail for Taylor Sheridan’s prequel series to answer the question: Where did John Dutton come from? How was this Montana dynasty built? Our show and family tree research answers exactly this.

From ‘1883’s James to ‘Yellowstone’s John: The Dutton Family Tree

Graphic Credit: Daniel Garcia, Outsider

Disclaimer: This family tree was built using information presented in both shows. Any birthdays we don’t know (which is pretty much every single character outside of Elsa Dutton) are calculated with actor birthdays and ages to give estimated dates.

The John Dutton Name

As 1883 shows us, James and Margaret Dutton travel out West with their daughter, Elsa, and young son John.

This family hails from Tennessee, but eventually ends up in Montana by 1883’s end. This, of course, is where Yellowstone takes place, and is where James settles his family after the death of his only daughter, Elsa Dutton.

In a recent interview with Outsider, James Dutton actor Tim McGraw revealed that his character is John Dutton’s great-grandfather. How this works out is illustrated in our family tree above. James’ son, John (I), is grandfather to Kevin Costner’s character. This means John (I, played by 5-year-old Audie Rick in 1883) becomes the father to the John Sr. (II) that we meet in Yellowstone, played by Dabney Coleman.

Yellowstone‘s John Sr. is 90 years old around the year 2000. This lineage would mark Costner’s John as John Dutton III, and not simply a Jr. to his father’s Sr. as Yellowstone established prior to 1883‘s creation.

Fleshing Out the Dutton Family Tree

In addition, the flashback that begins Yellowstone Season 4, Episode 8 shows that James and Margaret do indeed have another son after John. This younger Dutton is Spencer Dutton (noted through Yellowstone casting but is not made clear in-episode). He was the younger brother to John (I) and was born sometime after the events of 1883.

We also meet Margaret Dutton’s younger sister, Claire, and her daughter, Mary Abel, through the first two episodes of 1883 (upper right corner of Dutton Family Tree). These two meet tragic ends at the start of the Dutton’s Westward Expansion, however. Their family line ends by the riverside in Texas.

As the family tree shows, the “newest” generation of Dutton rests solely on the shoulders of Yellowstone‘s Tate Dutton. He’s the only grandchild of John Dutton. With Lee deceased and Beth unable to have children, the Dutton bloodline continues only through Kayce and Monica. And as of Yellowstone Season 4, Episode 8, we also learn that Monica is pregnant. Soon enough, Tate will have himself a little sibling, and we’ll be meeting the latest Dutton family member most likely in Season 5.

The Tragedy of Jamie Dutton

Wes Bentley as Jamie Dutton, Tim McGraw as James Dutton. Photos courtesy of Paramount Press (Yellowstone) and ViacomCBS Press Center (1883)

Outside of this, the most peculiar piece of the Dutton Family Tree rests with Jamie. Interestingly, he seems to be named after his adoptive father’s great-grandfather, James (Tim McGraw). What’s more, Jamie now has his own biological son in his life, a little boy we don’t know the name of.

With Jamie ostracized from his adoptive family, will his and Christina’s son bear the Dutton family name? Or will he become a Randall through his own bloodline? Only time will tell.

Either way, we’re excited to continue to build this family tree once the second Yellowstone prequel, 1932, expands on a third period in Dutton history. Here’s to hoping it matches the exceptional quality of 1883 – one of the best series to ever grace the small screen.