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Happy Birthday Kevin Costner: Relive the ‘Yellowstone TV’ Star’s Best Moments

Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom

It seems like Kevin Costner has done it all. From “The Bodyguard, to “Bull Durham,” “Field of Dreams, “For the Love of the Game,” and more recently “The Highway Men,” Costner has done a lot of memorable movies. But perhaps one of our most favorites is his recent role in the Paramount series, “Yellowstone.”

The 66-year-old plays the patriarch, John Dutton, of the family. A family that’s lived on a massive Montana ranch for six generations and counting. John is trying to keep the ranch thriving and in the family, but it’s not always easy. He’s faced with adversity. However, this adversity isn’t always from his foes, but sometimes from his children.

As we celebrate Kevin Costner’s birthday, we’re reliving some of the actor’s best moments (there are many of them) from the hit series, “Yellowstone.”

Kevin Costner’s Funny Moment as John Dutton

One reoccurring theme throughout the “Yellowstone” series is that John’s just trying to keep his land. And also keep people off his land. Like when he drives by a bus full of tourists that are standing on his land, looking at a bear. John says, “What the f-ck?” He fires shot gun to get them moving off his land because there’s a language barrier and the tourists don’t understand that they’re trespassing.

Then he says one of our favorite quotes that pretty much sums up the series. “This is America. We don’t share land here.”

John Dutton Makes Rules but Doesn’t Always Follow Them

There are many rules to be followed on the Yellowstone ranch. There are rules about how to run the day-to-day operation, but then there are also certain guidelines that John expects his children to follow.

Apparently, the person who makes the rules can also break them. Like when John tells his son, Kayce (Luke Grimes) to play by the livestock agent rules when confronting an enemy. However, like we previously mentioned, John is more of a “do as I say, not as I do” guy.

In this short clip, Kayce says, “What happened to cool heads?” John, played by Kevin Costner, simply replies, “I didn’t mean me.”

Then there are the times when he’s facing Chief Thomas Rainwater. Mostly in season 1, Rainwater is trying to take John’s land, but he ends up stealing his cattle. “If you act like a thief, I will treat you like one,” John tells the Chief.

Plus we can’t forget about the biker scene. Some motorcycle riders from California trespass on the Yellowstone ranch. It doesn’t take long for them to learn their lesson.

“This field’s mine, that fence is mine,” Dutton starts off. “You damaged both and you came back to damage them more. This is my home. If I did this to your home what would you do?” 

“I’d kill you…” Discord’s boss admits… and that’s when Rip, Lloyd, Kayce, and Ryan step forth from the darkness – fully armed. John makes the bikers dig their own graves, and just when you think that Costner is going to pull the trigger, he let’s the bikers go, but with a warning.

“Leave the graves,” John tells Kayce. Will they be filled in Season 4? Count us among the millions who cannot wait to find out.

Kevin Costner’s Moments with His On-Screen Grandson

In the series, Costner says, “That’s thing about being a grandfather. I get to do all the things I wish I’d done with my children.” This storyline is prevalent time and time again. Just like most grandparents, John is more lenient with his grandson Tate (Brecken Merrill). However, John does know when to interject certain life lessons.

Kevin Costner Saddles Up for Ranching Moments

The actor is no stranger to riding horses. Costner has done it in previous movies and even enjoys being horseback on his own time. This is perhaps one of the reason’s that Costner is a perfect choice for this character. He even has a ranch in Colorado that’s nestled in the Rocky Mountains.

So when it comes to Costner getting into character for “Yellowstone,” he can derive some of his real-life experiences for the story. Like in this clip where he tells his grandson, Tate about the trials and tribulations of ranching. He says it’s “one hell of a life.”

There are so many great scenes that this legendary actor is apart of, and we just touched the tip of the iceberg. Can’t get enough of Kevin Costner in his role as John Dutton, then check out some of our favorite quotes from the patriarch.