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Kevin Costner Gets ‘Yellowstone’ Fans Going Bananas With Just Six Words

Courtesy of Paramount.

Nobody can get “Yellowstone” fans hyped up more for brand new episodes than the legend himself, Kevin Costner.

We’ve waited over a year for new episodes, and now each week feels like an eternity. But we’re down to one more day, Outsiders, until the Paramount Network show airs its latest episode, titled “All I See Is You.” Costner gave us a stalwart reminder in just six words.

“Sunday night. More #Yellowstone. Let’s go,” Costner captioned this latest picture of John Dutton on Instagram. Say no more, sir. We’re ready for it.

The fans expressed their excitement and anticipation in the comments to Kevin Costner’s post. “Can’t wait!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥” one fan wrote.

“I wish every day was Yellowstone Sunday!” another fan said. Many also used the raised hands and fire emojis.

“I’m OBSESSED 🔥 what a great show!” someone else commented.

One fan said, “Counting down the days, bae 💗” while another wrote, “Can’t wait to see what’s gonna happen.”

Someone even counted it down with “30 hours to go” on Twitter. Let’s just say these “Yellowstone” and Kevin Costner fans are itching to find out what happens next on the modern western.

When we left off with John and the rest of the Duttons in Episode 2, he and newcomer Carter (Finn Litte) had just shared a sweet moment in the barn. Rip, Beth, and Carter also sat down for the most wholesome family dinner. But in the preview for the rest of the season, we can see that the Dutton’s serenity won’t last. Check it out for yourself below, and tune into “Yellowstone” Episode 3 on the Paramount Network at 8 p.m. EST.

Kevin Costner Honors Veterans With New Song

When he’s not acting in “Yellowstone,” Kevin Costner also sings and plays guitar for a band called Modern West. The band recently came together to write a song honoring military service members for Veterans Day.

Kevin Costner posted the song to his Twitter channel earlier this week, along with a heartfelt message.

“Honoring those who have served and currently serve our nation. Our song ‘The Angels Came Down’ was written in memory of our fallen soldiers. I hope you take a moment to reflect on it today,” Costner captioned the post.

In the video, which starts off with a live performance of the song, Costner talks about the inspiration for it.

“‘Angels’ was just one of those songs… We were coming back to Nashville and rehearsing and playing a lot as a band. John Coinman had this bad habit of wanting to smoke, but not smoke around anyone else. Sometimes, his way to kill time would be to walk in graveyards and cemeteries in Nashville,” Kevin Costner explained.

“And out of those graveyard walks, John crafted a song that, I remember when he sent it to me, I said ‘This might be the best song you’ve ever written,'” Costner recalls. Make sure you give it a listen for yourself.