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WATCH: ‘Yellowstone’ TV ‘Cues the Swoons’ With Adorable Clip of Beth Dutton and Rip Wheeler

Photo credit: Paramount Network / Viacom

Want to see how fast you can fall for Rip & Beth? Bet you it only takes a few seconds – and this latest Yellowstone clip courtesy of Paramount is here to prove it.

Among all their time together, what’s the perfect moment between Rip & Beth? Which of their iconic exchanges is the moment? Honestly, there are too many to count, which is why we gathered Beth Dutton and Rip Wheeler’s Best Moments Ahead of Season 4.

But if we had to choose one? One simple, straightforward, non-convoluted moment that showed these two for what they really are? This might just be it.

Watch below as Paramount’s latest clip showcases the incredible love Beth & Rip share in just a matter of seconds. With one simple, poignant set lines, Rip Wheeler’s Cole Hauser convinces both Beth Dutton – and all of us – of exactly how he feels about her. “Cue the swoons,” indeed:

It’s no secret that the highs and lows of Yellowstone’s love stories are sold through phenomenal performances by the lead actors. And scenes like this seal it.

Cole Hauser and Kelly Reilly made us fall in love with Rip and Beth separately as the two best characters on the show. Then, together – they became more than anyone ever saw coming. Their undeniable chemistry makes for the most powerful couples on television’s most celebrated drama.

Will Rip & Beth Go the Distance?

Cole Hauser says yes. While we anticipate Season 4, Rip actor Cole Hauser spoke with Esquire on where he sees Rip & Beth heading. And for his part, Hauser sees them together for the rest of their lives:

“That’s absolutely something that could happen,” he begins. “You’re going to see how it shakes out at the end, but… we’ll see where Taylor takes us. I don’t sit with him and say, ‘Hey, by year seven, are we here or there?’ That relationship, it could go many different ways, but I think it could go in the way of us being together. [Rip’s best case end] is with Beth, in a shack.

“I think they’re somewhere happy. It would be a real success story for both of them. Not just for Rip, because they’ll have each other,” Hauser wraps up.

Thankfully, Season 3 let us see these two finally become engaged after a long and difficult courtship. This is a massive milestone – and out of character – for these two hard-edged loners. But if they’ve proven anything over their journey so far, it’s that they’re willing to change for one another. Or at least grow. And they’ll grow together.

To this end, Outsider has put together Beth Dutton and Rip Wheeler’s Best Moments Ahead of Season 4 to celebrate the fiery magic that is these two.

The official clip above also comes fresh off the heels of Paramount revisiting a Yellowstone TV Favorite: Rip Wheeler and Beth Dutton Dance in the Night.

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