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‘Y:1883’: ‘Yellowstone’ Cast Members React to Paramount’s Upcoming Prequel Series

(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Paramount Network)

It’s not just fans that cannot wait for Yellowstone prequel: 1883. See how the cast of cable’s #1 drama is reacting to their spinoff announcement.

Expanding the Yellowstone brand has felt inevitable for a few years now. While the Western had a slow start, seasons 2 & 3 solidified the show as the strongest dramatic offering on cable television. Coinciding with the show’s ratings dominance, CBSViacom’s merger with Paramount Network came with a massive deal for Yellowstone mastermind Taylor Sheridan. The result? Pretty much any new content Sheridan wants to produce for the conglomerate – and his choice proves why he’s being given so much creative freedom.

Thank’s to Sheridan’s strength as a storyteller, Yellowstone fans now have Y: 1883 to look forward to – and we cannot wait. The prequel spinoff – set to explore the ancestral Dutton’s role in the Westward Expanse – couldn’t be more in-line with what Yellowstone fans are aching to see more of. It’s a brilliant premise to expand this brand.

Paramount & CBSViacom are going all-out in supporting the spinoff, too. The show’s first teaser aired live during Super Bowl LV, which must’ve cost a large fortune. It was worth it, however, because fans have been absolutely losing their minds since.

Not just fans, either. The cast of Yellowstone is finally reacting to the news, too, and they’re every bit as excited as we are.

Jefferson White, Brecken Merril, ‘Yellowstone’ Cast React to ‘Y:1883’ Trailer

Viewing 1883’s teaser on Instagram reveals much hype. Among fans absolutely loving the teaser (and still wondering when Season 4 of Yellowstone is releasing) – the cast is showing their support, too. Not just support, either – but genuine enthusiasm.

Yellowstone star Jefferson White, who plays fan-favorite ranch hand Jimmy Hardstrom, is all-in for the prequel. Commenting on the Instagram teaser, he says:

Incredible. Cannot wait.

Jefferson White

In addition, co-star Wendy Moniz, who plays Governor Lynelle Perry, seems even more excited to give 1883 a go:


Wendy Moniz

In addition, Yellowstone’s own Tate Dutton, Brecken Merrill, is sharing the trailer to his official Instagram, too. Or – his mother is, considering she runs the youngster’s account. Definitely for the best.

In all honesty, the teaser serves as just that: a teaser. It’s in no way a full trailer, nor intended to be. So if you’re tapering your excitement so far, as most of the other Yellowstone cast members seem to be – we get it. Hopefully, we’ll be treated to a full trailer soon. But first, how about a damn trailer for Season 4 – or a release date!?

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