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‘Yellowstone’: Catch Up on Seasons 3 and 4 With Weekend Marathon

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If you’re missing the drama and thrill of “Yellowstone,” now’s your chance to catch up on the last two seasons. For now, we await an official release date for “Yellowstone’s” fifth season. However, the series’ official Instagram page announced fans can catch up on seasons three and four during this weekend’s marathon.

According to the post, we can catch all of “Yellowstone” season three as the marathon airs on Paramount Network beginning Saturday at 9 a.m. ET. Afterward, we can look forward to marathoning season four of “Yellowstone” on Sunday, airing during the same timeslots.

Down in the comments, fans shared their excitement for season five, named their favorite seasons, and lamented having to wait for an official release date for the upcoming “Yellowstone” season.

“I’m excited to rewatch it again,” wrote one “Yellowstone” fan. “Thank you Paramount.”

Another fan wrote, “Season #3 was the best.”

Meanwhile, one of the series’ followers shared our exact sentiments when they wrote, “We have watched and streamed the entire show back to front 10x. Just bring the new!!!”

Unfortunately, we’re as clueless regarding “Yellowstone’s” fifth season premiere date as you are. However, as more information comes out regarding the hit series, be sure to check back here Outsiders!

‘Yellowstone’ Season Five To Be Split Into Two Parts

After four incredible seasons, “Yellowstone” is changing up its format a little bit ahead of season five.

The first season of the Taylor Sheridan-produced series saw a total of just nine episodes. However, after seeing approval for a second, then a third and fourth season, the following each boast 10 episodes. Now though, “Yellowstone” fans are being thrown for a loop.

When we received word that “Yellowstone” would officially see a fifth season, Taylor Sheridan revealed that it would debut in two parts. Boasting an impressive 14 episodes in total, each part will be comprised of seven episodes. The first part is set to air this summer, while part two of “Yellowstone” season five will air during the fall.

As we await further news regarding season five, fans shared their thoughts on a split season.

“I honestly don’t know what to think about this,” one fan wrote on Reddit. “If it can have a great storyline and on focus on Yellowstone,” excluding cuts to “6666” and “1883,” “then I’m fine with it.”

Another fan shared, “I think the reason they’ve increased the number of episodes is to accommodate more spin-offs showcased during Yellowstone without upsetting the fans too much.”

In hindsight, it makes sense. There was so much important content packed into the series’ fourth season, so any cut outside of the main series took fans away from the forerunning plotline. With an additional four episodes, it gives Taylor Sheridan room to overlap new spin-offs, such as the “6666” and “1932,” in addition to the series original prequel, “1883.”

That said, we don’t any new information regarding “Yellowstone” season five. So until we do, catch us marathoning the last two seasons of the neo-Western on Paramount Network this weekend.